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Let’s be humans before being religious!

see Babri Masjid demolition (BMD) in Ayodhya is one of the darkest moments in Indian history. Though the event took place 25 years ago on 6 Dec.1992, the vengeance and damage done during that period persists till today and has affected Indian society and polity deeply; 1. Hindu nationalists or karsevaks, by destroying the mosque on the pretext that an actual ‘Ram Mandir’ used to exist on the masjid’s spot, set in motion a chain of

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Micro-Aggression Theory, Victimhood Culture and Article 370 as a Counter Radicalization Tool

For argument’s sake if we keep the violent insurgency problem in Kashmir aside for the reading time of this article, Kashmiri politics is primarily characterized by politics of identity and culture. While there are deep problems with defining culture and cultural analysis, sociologists and cultural theorists still attempt to theorize about cultural politics. One such theory is the micro-aggressions theory. Micro aggression[1] is a term coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M.Pierce in 1970

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Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters

There was a farmer who lost his watch in the barn. This watch was given to him by his father and there was a sentimental attachment to the watch. He searched high and low, but could not find it. He enlisted the help of  a group of children, promising them a reward. They couldn’t find the watch either. But one little boy went up to him and asked to be given another chance. “Why not”

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आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें

जिस दिया ने हमको दिए अँधेरे कालिख जिसकी जग को घेरे मानवता के अन्तरमन में नफरत की जो आग लगायें आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें | उस प्रकाश को समझ के कृपण अपना सब कुछ करते अर्पण भविष्य के कल्पित मोह जाल में अपना सुन्दर न आज गवायें आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें  | धर्म अफीमी ज्ञान अधूरा कुटिलों के पापों का घेरा पाप मुक्त दुनियां को करने हम तूफानी हवा चलायें आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें  |

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India, Pakistan or INDIASTAN…?

Since 1947, ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ is always being talked and discussed inquisitively by people, government, army men, media etc. And now here are two teenagers shouldering their responsibilities towards peace in India and Pakistan. The age when minors are yet in a condition to explore what exactly peace between India and Pakistan means, Khushboo Danish (The City’s School Bhit Shah, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan) and Arsh Arora (St. Marks Senior Secondary Public School, Meera Bagh, New

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ऐसे संस्कार दो

संस्कार दो, मानव को, ऐसे संस्कार दो ॥ जिसमें जाति – जाति भेद मिटे, धर्म – धर्म भेद मिटे, देश – देश सीमा टूटे, प्रांत – प्रांत एक हो । संस्कार दो, मानव को, ऐसे संस्कार दो ॥   क्षेत्र – वाद ख़त्म हो, राष्ट्रवाद ख़त्म हो, भाषावाद भाव मिटे, मानववाद प्रसार हो । संस्कार दो, मानव को, ऐसे संस्कार दो ॥   आर्थिक लोभ मिटे, सामाजिक भेद मिटे, राजनीति मोह मिटे, मानव को मात्र

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Siachen-World’s highest battlefield

Siachen is in the news again!!.. This time not because of some casualties or calamities but because of PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Siachen glacier on Diwali. Considered as one of the world’s highest and coldest battle zone, it lies 20,000 feet above sea level. The environment conditions are so extreme here that a small mistake is what lies between life and death.Weather conditions claim most of the lives here as compared to military combats.

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Silence, A Not So Silent Ode To…

(Silence, something we city-dwellers miss totally – like a clear night sky, the green fields that decorate our villages and the sweet song of wild birds. Yet, it is something that remains forever, as our constant companion. The moment we sit still, close our eyes and take in the chilly night air, other than an occasional piece of sound perhaps, an unbroken silence can descend. This external silence, once united with inner stillness and silent

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