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Pati Patni Aur Woh In The Bihar Political Drama

  “Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. In divorce though, a club and a spade would have been better”. This how relationships begin and when the going gets tough, the tough decides to fizzle out. In the last seventy two hours the Indian political class has seen a bitter divorce that has taken place. A formidable marriage between the BJP & JD (U) has finally gone kaput. In the last seventeen years both these parties made their voters believe ‘they cannot live without each other’. Kept each

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Ball-Tampering? So What?

Accusations of ball-tampering by England aren’t such a scandal as they are being made out to be. The game has left it open to cutting corners, by all teams concerned, says Jaideep Ghosh. Cricket is a strange game. It has, over the years, succumbed to the pressure of commercialization to such extents that rules being bent to suit the free flow of commerce have made it a little bit of a joke when it comes to discipline and fair play. The current situation, where for England fast bowler Bob Willis and others have cast aspersions on the England team in

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No Ind Vs Pak Is A Dead Rubber

So if you thought that this India Vs Pakistan match is a dead rubber considering Pakistan is already out of the tournament and India are through to the semis, think again. This is the most fancied rivarly the game of cricket has had and no game could go without its shares of eye-balls, bigger than that of any other sport in the history of earth.  Misbah-ul-Haq has already equated the game to the final, only echoing the millions of fans back in Pakistan who would forgive them to bow out even before the business stages of the tournament, if they

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TGIF: Twitterati On Why Man Love Cricket

Some light humour from Twitter on why man love cricket. Women stay away, this might appear sexist and something you might not end up liking.  Gagan Sidhu (@MedEumPacer): #MenLoveCricketBecause they like storms like gayle storm, but girls afraid of it And how do we keep wives away from this Raghu Gurum (@idiot_riot): MenLoveCricketBecause they can take out their frustration on players wen they can’t do tat on their wives!! Nithesh (@MasslessPhoton): MenLoveCricketBecause They have balls . Yes, it is as simple as that Abbas Momin (@AbbasMomin): #MenLoveCricketBecause of terms like: Fine leg, slips, balls, Deep cover, Big ones, Maiden. Zenia D’Cunha (@ZENIADCUNHA): Oh wow now

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Blaming IPL for Spot-Fixing is Hypocritical

  The latest spot-fixing saga involving Test cricketer S Sreesanth and two other players has brought the negative focus back on the IPL. A tournament which could otherwise be such a great one internationally to unearth exceptional talent is being bashed for poor governance. I still feel, blaming the IPL for something that has plagued the sport for decades is hypocritical to say the least.  Now let’s be honest, when was the last time we heard of spot-fixing. It was with Pakistan bowlers Mohd Asif and Mohammed Aamer bowling no-balls against England in England. That was also not the first

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Spot Fixing Cracked For Easy Understanding

  Listening to the chatter on social media on the spot-fixing controversy that has just erupted in the IPL, it makes sense to actually make people understand what the term really means. This post breaks it into what can easily explain the concept. So S. Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila have been arrested on charges of spot fixing. Poor Sree, am sure that was the only way he could have looked forward to making quick bucks considering his extremely awry performance on the ground off late. Feel pity though for the other two as they fall prey to this

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