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Prediction about ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

where to buy Lyrica cream It won’t be an easy task to win the WC 2015 for any team whether it is India, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. After rewinding the past I can see Pakistan has won a World Cup in Australia back in 1992. But it doesn’t matter at all –‘records are meant to be broken’. One of the biggest things in this WC will be that there will be no Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting

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The Symbolism of Haider

I had very little to do yesterday evening, hence decided to watch a film. An old friend had not seen Haider and insisted on going along. For some reason I was hesitant, not that I haven’t seen one movie twice, but I was not in the mood to see a heavy dose film all over again. I tried convincing him for other options, but his strong resilience eventually paved way and we made it to

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Siachen-World’s highest battlefield

Siachen is in the news again!!.. This time not because of some casualties or calamities but because of PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Siachen glacier on Diwali. Considered as one of the world’s highest and coldest battle zone, it lies 20,000 feet above sea level. The environment conditions are so extreme here that a small mistake is what lies between life and death.Weather conditions claim most of the lives here as compared to military combats.

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Gandhi’s Assassination – The Untold Truth

Gandhi’s Death has been a case of speculation , as the killing of a “helpless” old man, who was a symbol, of peace and love and his benevolent nature earned him the title of the “Father of our Nation”. On the other hand his assassin, Nathuram Ram Godse, has been targeted by people from all walks of the world , for being a Treacherous, Heartless & a Ruthless murderer. He has even been proclaimed as

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No Reason Celebrating Independence Day In Kashmir: A Kashmiri Writes For MSK

It was called as the “Paradise on Earth”, but has instead been one of the most violent & bloodshed regions in recent years. Ajaz Ahmed writes on what importance does the Indian Independence Day hold to a Kashmiri youth and how they see their relationship with India. Let’s understand the literal meaning of independence and then decide who deserves to celebrate it. The Declaration of Independence prescribed the proper role of government to secure the rights of individuals

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Movie Review: Filmistaan: A Delightful Film

Cast: Sharib Hashmi & Innamulhaq Directed by: Nitin Kakkar. Introduction: Filmistaan is a delightful film. It has heart, imagination and intelligence. It is a celebration of our enduring love affair with Hindi cinema. And it is a touching exploration of the shared humanity between Indians and Pakistanis. Plot: The film is about a wannabe actor who is abducted by jihadis and taken to Pakistan. At first, Sunny Arora (Sharib Hashmi) doesn’t realise that he has crossed

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Movie Review: Children Of War: Cinema At Its Best

Cast: Riddhi Sen, Farooque Shaikh, Pavan Malhotra & Victor Banerjee. Directed By: Mrityunjay Devvrat. Disclaimer: Think Babel ‘the scene where the actors cannot find a way past the desert’, think Life is Beautiful ‘the scene where Joshua celebrates when he sees the tank in the end’ add the two together, yet this one rattles you with a little higher pedigree. Plot: The script is taken forward by concentrating on two distinct stories. First is about

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India’s Biggest Dance of Democracy Left Nothing Untouched

Someone wisely said whether its positive or negative it does not matter till it creates a buzz. Indian Political parties, reportedly spent around $8bn, and created a lot of buzz and touched all sentiments, negative and positive to create promotional activity for them. From traditional to social media, out of every 10 feeds, 6 were political promotional content. Banners, exclusive interviews, TV-Ads, and the message in everything were so easy that even your one-year-old baby will

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Movie Review: Kya Dilli Kya Lahore: Pure Indulgent Cinema

Cast: Manu Rishi, Vijay Raaz, Rajendranath Zutshi, Vishwajeet Pradhan Directed by: Vijay Raaz Introduction: The partition of our beloved nation is etched in the hearts of everyone. Some were unfortunate enough to witness, while most from other generations have only formed opinions on hearsay. First time director Vijay Raaz presents a blood tale of betrayal and deceit in a tongue in cheek manner. Does Kya Dilli Kya Lahore deliver? Read On. Plot: Samarth Pratap Shastri

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India Elections: From Gandhi to Globalization – 1

This two-part series looks at the past 67 years of democracy in India. You read this, and you will have your short summarized capsule about Indian democracy which has gone into its most important elections a couple of days back. 1. The dream to become the largest democracy in the world transformed into reality in 1951-52, when India had the first General elections. Election Commission of India was formed and Sukumar Sen was given this

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