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Let’s be humans before being religious!

watch Babri Masjid demolition (BMD) in Ayodhya is one of the darkest moments in Indian history. Though the event took place 25 years ago on 6 Dec.1992, the vengeance and damage done during that period persists till today and has affected Indian society and polity deeply; 1. Hindu nationalists or karsevaks, by destroying the mosque on the pretext that an actual ‘Ram Mandir’ used to exist on the masjid’s spot, set in motion a chain of

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Bunty & Babli, the story of Bihar

“Aisa koi saga nahi, jisko humne thaga nahi”. The Bunty & Babli mandate of Bihar politics is over. Like the movie, Bunty (Read: Laloo) conned Babli (Nitish) in creating a new alliance. It was dubbed as Mahagathbandhan against communal politics. What Bunty did not decipher is, this is 2017 and the government is hard selling women empowerment. So Babli did a double con and left Bunty out in the cold. “Sahi aur galat mein chun

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मीडिया को तो इमरजेंसी बेहद पसंद है

aleve naprosyn 1000 mg ये दिलचस्प संयोग है कि आज से चालीस साल पहले मेरे जैसे देश के हजारों मीडिया-साहित्य के छात्रों ने जब आंखें खोली होगीं तो उन्हें सबसे पहले ये खबर सुनने को मिली होगी कि अब ऑल इंडिया रेडियो पूरी तरह ऑल इंदिरा रेडियो हो गया है और मैंने जब आंखें खोली तो सात दिन पहले ऑर्डर की गई किताब ठीक इसी दिन मिली जब हवा में इमरजेंसी का नया संस्करण घुला है..आखिर देर रात हम

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#ISEEHOPE That The Aam Aadmi Will Finally Have a Say in India

The recent 16th Lok Sabha elections mark a turning point for two reasons, and none of these have to do with the remarkable majority that the NDA got. The first is that the decline of the Congress party has now become obvious and plain to see. Under the umbrella of the UPA and in power for ten years, it wasn’t very apparent to the world how much mass appeal the grand old party had lost.

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