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Best Two-Liners For Modi Sarkar

cheap Lyrica australia Social media could be more boring without two-liners or ‘chutkuli’ on a featured picture. These two liners increase the visibility and engage more people by sharing and likes. Modi-Fan followers had done a great job on social media platform by creating such posts that got the maximum share. These were on time, on current topics and a fun over the small things happening around us. Check some of the creative arts. The last one is

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अरविंद को केजरीवाल जनता ने बनाया, मीडिया ने नही

एक कुत्ता गाड़ी के साथ-साथ चल रहा था। कुछ वक़्त के बाद उसे लगने लगा कि गाड़ी उसकी वजह से चल रही है। कुत्ते ने गाड़ी रोकने की सोची। कुत्ता तो रुक गया मगर गाड़ी चलती रही! ये कहावत बचपन में सुनी थी। यहाँ इसलिए लिख रहा हूँ कि कुछ लोगों को ये ग़लतफ़हमी हो गई है कि अरविंद केजरीवाल को मीडिया ने ही बनाया है (मैं ख़ुद मीडिया से ताल्लुक़ रखता हूँ, इसलिए ये

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Rahul Vs Arnab: Why Rahul Gandhi Should Never Be PM

Thank you Congress! I am really happy with the performances just done on Times Now by your VP Rahul Gandhi. It was like a Bollywood Masala Movie. I laughed, I smiled, I got emotional and angry! An awesome interview session Mr Arnab Goswami! Thanks a lot. You just cleared a misconception I was carrying from my childhood. The interview recalled in me a very old and popular story. A boy from a village, who spend

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An Open Letter To Salman Khan

Dear Mr. Salman Khan, I don’t know whether I can write a letter to you because I definitely do not belong to the show business and I do not have the money and clout you control. I am sure you will not bother reading this one because you would be either promoting your Aam Aadmi image to sell another flick of yours or dancing in some political functions for lucre. You dance for Mulayam Singh

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Mission 272+ App Review: Poor Execution, Pathetic UI

So the first party to go the APP mode (not AAP) is the BJP. Not surprising with NaMo’s huge tech team, they had to take a lead on this one. Knowing NaMo’s fetish for things though, this one is a disappointment. The app does not open mostly, its slow to load and refresh and does not augur well with the taste of a young India its trying to involve in the movement. Let’s look into

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जनपथ का जनतंत्र जिंदाबाद

मोदी हुंकार रहे हैं। केजरीवाल बुहार रहे हैं। लेकिन देश की सबसे बड़ी पार्टी के दरवाज़े पर खड़े लोगो के चेहरे उतरे हुए हैं। लोग एक-दूसरे से पूछ रहे हैं- इतना सन्नाटा क्यों है, भाई? कोई कुछ बोलता क्यों नहीं। इंतज़ार करके आंखे पथरा गई हैं। आखिर कब प्रकट होंगे युवराज। पार्टी कब बताएगी कि राहुल गांधी ही कांग्रेस की तरफ से प्रधानमंत्री पद के दावेदार हैं। सोनिया जी ने कहा था कि उचित समय आने

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India, Let’s Welcome 2014 With Hope

I am not a pessimist. I am a 29 something who is made of hope. Unfortunately for most part between 2010 to 2013 nothing went right and most of my generation went from being severe optimists to either pessimists or those who never care. A lot of us still remain in that state of mind but if you look around, as 2013 is coming to a close, there is much to cheer about, almost everywhere

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सरदार देश के, सरदार जी किसके?

कांग्रेस पार्टी के बड़े नेताओं को अचानक उठते-बैठते सोते-जागते सरदार की याद सताने लगी। पार्टी गला फाड़-फाड़कर चीखने लगी,सरदार पटेल हमारे कोटे के महापुरुष हैं, ख़बरदार जो किसी और ने उनका नाम भी लिया। नरेंद्र मोदी वोट बैंक के साथ हमारे महापुरुष हड़पने में भी जुटे हैं। सरदार ने अंग्रेजों से लोहा लिया था और मोदी अब पूरे देश से `लोहा लेकर’ लौह पुरुष की मूर्ति बनवा रहे हैं। मूर्ति हमारे महापुरुष की और उसे

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The Youth Pulse: Talking to Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Youth BJP Leader From Bihar

MSK and Ankush Kumar start a series of interviews, where we will showcase the views of our youth leaders and their connect with the Youngistaan. Joining us today is ‘Mr. Rajesh Kumar’ convenor of the professional cell of the BJP for Bihar. He is a son of the soil, born in a village named Narhat, has done his schooling from there, did his engineering in Bangalore and MBA from Pune. He is currently the Zonal

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NaMo – Armed With All the Ammo!!

Mr. Modi gave his final touches before the last lap towards Race 2014 by visiting his seniors, Mr.Advani and Vajpayeeji to convey his regards. He is now ready to single-handedly lead the BJP (some traces of NDA) towards forming the government in the next five years. If you take one look at Mr.Modi’s journey, it would surely be regarded as a remarkable event. Beginning as an aggressive leader, staunch follower of the Hindutava ideology, he

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