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Let’s be humans before being religious!

enter Babri Masjid demolition (BMD) in Ayodhya is one of the darkest moments in Indian history. Though the event took place 25 years ago on 6 Dec.1992, the vengeance and damage done during that period persists till today and has affected Indian society and polity deeply; 1. Hindu nationalists or karsevaks, by destroying the mosque on the pretext that an actual ‘Ram Mandir’ used to exist on the masjid’s spot, set in motion a chain of

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Why are Muslim ladies asked to take Hijab?

Yet another Scientific Approach Practiced Since Ages by Muslims We are now calling it UV Protection caps and thinking ourselves to be great innovators! The skin of women is more delicate and thus it gets tanned & blemished easily with too much exposure to sun – thus the Naqab or Hijab. UVA & UVB radiations – from sun – cause skin cancer and other related diseases. So was it so wrong of our ancestors to

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Hinduism and Secularism

The word ‘secularism’ is a western concept. The word and its meaning were crafted to tackle a crisis in the west where churches would have dogmatic control over state laws. During the dissemination of Christianity in the west, the belief that God bestowed ‘truth’ to the church was being propagated. People were made to believe that Christianity is the only vehicle that will enable a person to achieve God, defying which will propel them towards

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Act When It Matters: A Social Experiment

The video is a culmination of a social experiment done with an upmarket showing how  ignorant we all get when we see a individual being discriminated because of his/her appearance.    I am sure you would have seen this on many occasions. Personally while traveling out of city, I have come across the same on multiple occasions at airports when a man with a cap is searched as if he is always carrying some trouble.

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