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Un-Intended Misadventure-2

This continues from here The guy in khaki took me to the quaint police station that seemed lost amidst the maze of the railway tracks and workshop buildings. I could see a sarkari babu, who was busy penning some thing on a file with his glass tilted and all concentration on that sheet of paper. As soon as he saw me, he asked me his constable to lead me in. He looked at me, sized me

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Sitaphal Fruit Cream: You Would Just Love It

Section: Desserts. Origin: Haji Ali Juice Center Mumbai Summary: If you are a Mumbai regular, and you haven’t yet had the famous Sitaphal cream then for long you have been committing a cardinal sin. Located right in-front of the famous dargah, this dessert makes the Mumbai traffic stop in the evenings. Price: Rs 180 per plate. IFK connection: Since I am from Mumbai, but now run a restaurant in Patna, we have tried to incorporate

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Sachin, After The 24-Year-Old Sunset

There was an era when nine out of the ten cricketers India produced came from Mumbai. Then the numbers started to dwindle, and today the city has lost the charm of producing special talent. What went wrong in here? ‘Harsha Bhogle’ had written in one of his blogs for Cricinfo that ‘the pressure from parents post investment, to the coaches who needed to deliver quickly resulted in talent becoming mechanical and nurturing took a back

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Conflicts for a New Mommy

So finally, he arrived!! After the 9 months long drill, I couldn’t wait to take him in my arms… It was different, he was red like a tomato, eyes tightly shut by the heavy eyelids; felt like a little mountain baby in my very eastern bong hands. I was a first-time mom, and it was the first time I held such a tiny creature. I was beyond elated and blissfully unaware of the days and

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Parental Guide To ‘Freedom’ And ‘Risk’

Post the gang-rape in Mumbai, a friend observed ‘thank God, I don’t have daughters’. But Jaideep Ghosh has, and he wouldn’t have it any way. The plus of having a teenaged child is that you get tech savvy in double-quick time. But as a parent of a teenager, you also need to be able to gauge between what is too much interference, or not. So when I got savvy to Whatsapp, I keep tabs on

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Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara – Review

  One of the reasons why the sales of ‘Pass pass’ slumped at its launch was the movie Yaadein. Never in the history of entertainment a movie as lame as that was made, but the makers of painkillers had a smile everytime the movie was screened at any theatre in India. Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara is no different. Premise: An extremely unique story of two friends falling for the same girl. Plot:

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Sharing = Caring = Making a Difference

  The Mumbai Dabbawala’s deliver 120 tons of food each day, out of which 16 tons is uneaten. At the same time, on Mumbai’s streets, there are two hundred thousand children who go hungry every day. The ‘Share My Dabba’ initiative, a joint effort between the Happy Life Welfare Society and The Dabbawala Foundation, gets the leftover food in dabbas to the hungry street children using a tiny sticker and the extensive and efficient dabbawala

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Short Story

RIP Ex College Heroes

By Joybrato Dutta What is it about college that we love the most? Education? Women? Strangers? Or is it the sense of power that suddenly gets bestowed on us. The power to handle situations. The power to stay unshackled. The power to write our destiny. This post is not about preaching the philosophies of life, nor is it about a moment of reminiscence after gulping a few shots. This is about mourning the death of

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प्यार या आकर्षण?

प्यार है या फिर मात्र छलावा भ्रम है या फिर दिखावा युगों से लोग इसमें फंसते चले आ रहे हैं ऋषि-मुनि भी तो कहाँ बच पाये हैं? किवंदंतियां भी सदियों से चली आ रही हैं इस युग में भी तो भरमार है प्यार है या एक आकर्षण, पहले तो कुछ सच्चाई भी नज़र आती थी पर आज तो इसका रूप ही बदल गया है प्यार एक आकर्षण मात्र ही रह गया है न ही कोई सच्चाई न ही स्थिरता है बस बुराइयों का ढेर बनता चला जा रहा है यह कहाँ कोई समझ पा रहा है युगों से तो प्यार की गरिमा व ठहराव की चर्चा भी चली आ रही है उसके भी उदहारण हैं बहुत पर कहाँ किसी को दिखाई देती है? सच्चाई की प्रतिबिम्ब की झलक अंत तक दिखाई देती है खुशबू बिखेरती है, चारों तरफ़ हवा का रुख फैलाती है उसकी गरिमा को जानिए, गहराइयों तक पहुँचिये, निष्ठा, गरिमा, व स्थिरता का सच्चा स्वरूप नज़र आता है पर झूठा आकर्षण, झूठ का आधार जीवन को नकारात्मक बना देता है कहाँ गया वह युग, कहाँ गए वो लोग, जिनका ज़रा भी इस ओर ध्यान नहीं जाता बदलाव आते हैं हर युग में, पर आप कितने पानी में हैं यह सबको समझ में आता है झाँक कर देखो तो प्यार में निष्ठां, प्रतिष्ठा, स्थिरता एवं एक अटूट सम्बन्ध का कितना अच्छा सुखद एहसास नज़र आता है जो लोग समझना चाहते नहीं हैं, और बिगड़े हुए रूपों की ओर निरंतर भाग रहे हैं यह छलावा नहीं तो और क्या है? भ्रम नहीं तो और क्या है?

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Being SoBo! South Bombai’ite

It was the monsoons of 2007 when two of my friends arrived in Mumbai for the first time. They checked into a hotel and took a taxi to come and meet me. The first question the driver asked them was ‘Sahab Bombay jaana hai’? It caught my friends a little off guard. Yes dear readers! If you do not live between Cuffe parade and Worli you ain’t a Soboiite. Someone who has lived in South

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