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Say Cheese

enter site Cheese. What is it with cheese? Ever been to a real party where there’s no cheese? Forget it. In one form or other, the presence of cheese makes its presence felt – be it as is, or on crackers, in a bake, a cake, with pasta, or as a fondue. Like fine wines, a product of fermentation, cheese has been consumed and relished since ancient times. The knowledge of gourmet cheeses are readily available today,

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The Bake-a-thon begins: Perfect Olive Oil Focaccia

Monsoons have finally hit our country… Though I hate the infrastructural damage this season gets with it to the city, I enjoy the beautiful view from my window which shows greenery all around!! I love the fact that it is time for me to put on my hostess shoes and have friends over for cocktails & barbeque parties along the hills. (So yeah, lots of grilled and BBQ recipes to follow!! yay!!) But I just

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Hansher Dim Kosha – Duck Eggs Fry

I always cook with a story behind it! And my past reflects majorly in all that comes out of my kitchen. Why won’t it, we bongs have a major past entwined with food. And one of the most loved dishes was Hansher Dimer Kosha- Duck Egg Fry. Don’t be misguided by the word fry; kosha/fry means a curry which is made with minimal amounts of water. Its dry and lip-smackingly spicy, to be had with hot peas

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My Take on: #VeitnamVoyage

Food reviews are different than restaurant ones. And my reviews are not to be mistaken as restaurant reviews. I am a committed recipe developer, and for me food stands greatest over decor, service and ambience. I even don’t care about the number of dishes on the menu, I care only about the taste, and that has to be the greatest of them all. So the new genre on my ever increasing blog gets a unique

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Shame On You #Mumbai

Unexpected! Anybody can rule Mumbai. Out of 10, 3 people cast their vote. So, go for any two of them and rest 8 people don’t care. Lowest vote percentage among all major cities and Twitter is requesting them to go out and Vote. Mumbaikars had made this a holiday. Funny thing is, few days ago Raj Thackeray came on a news channel and expressed his desire to be the CM of Maharashtra. Don’t worry Mr.

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Book Review of 14 Hours: An Insider’s Account of the 26/11 Taj Attack

An image which brings terror and rage to every Indian is the following image of the dome of Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai burning during the terrorist attacks of 26/11 in November 2008. The world watched in horror as one of the legendary landmarks of the financial capital of India was held hostage by a handful of terrorists while many brave heart army officers laid down their lives to save a hundred others! So when

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First Love

It was another evening when I was standing at the window in my room and sipping hot tea from the inverted bell shaped mug that I have preserved since the past six years. The Sharma family lives right across my window in the neighboring wing of my apartment. I saw Sharma aunty descend the stairs of the building with her daughter and her husband, carrying huge amount of luggage. As I stole a glance across

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Movie Review: Miss Lovely: Nawazuddin, Concept Plain Brilliance

Cast: Nawazuddin Siddique & Niharika Singh Directed by: Ashim Ahulwalia Plot: This story is set in the mid eighties, an era considered as the darkest phase of Bollywood. Though this film has little Bollywood showcased. It’s a story of two brothers who produce sleazy c grade films. In miss lovely, there is nothing rosy but the title and a journey that is captured beautifully. Actor Prepares: Nawazuddin Siddique quite well makes up for the lethargic

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Weekend Trip- Part 1- Mumbai To Sawantwadi

There has always been this romance associated with unreserved and unplanned travel in terms of meeting new people, understanding their life story, and exploring lands already explored by well known travellers.. I set off on this trip alone, after office on last friday. At 7 15 pm, I decided to call it a day and head to Dadar Railway station for buying a ‘unreserved’ ticket from Dadar to Pernem. Now the best train to catch,

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Reflections on 26/11

I was preparing to sleep after another hectic day when I heard the sound of crackers. I thought it was abaraati passing by and wondered why life was so unfair – I had to work hard when the rest of the world was enjoying itself. “What an irony!” I thought later when my dad called up to ask my whereabouts. It was he who corrected my flawed imagination and told me about random shooting at Colaba

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