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Modiji: Enjoy spring 2016, 2017 will be game of thornes

go to link   Politics is often thought to be only about winning elections. However, its more about what happens between elections that result in those electoral sweeps or washouts. India is now gearing up for assembly elections in 5 states – Bengal, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Assam. The ruling party at the Centre has always been the focus and under scrutiny when states go to polls and the same question is always asked. Is this a

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Expanding Gravitas of Modi’s India Story!

PM Modi has done it again and again in the last 12 months. With a great vision and great oratory, he enthralls audiences across the globe (as he did across India to get BJP a landslide victory in Lok Sabha Polls). And the net take aways from all these have been fantastic for India. In a globalized world, the projection of a positive India story with gravitas has started paying good dividends. In SAARC region

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Why is the BJP so shy in Delhi?

kesan ubat luvox 100mg Yesterday, I took a meeting in the Greater Kailash Vidhan Sabha. I am the observer there. The volunteers took another landmark decision of electing a Ward In Charge from among them. It was so good to see them electing their leader. That is what democracy is supposed to be. Post his election; the electors briefed the new Ward In Charge about his duties. He carefully noted and nodded to each of them. He has started

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Does Modi Cabinet Has A Brand “Apple” Like Face’?

Merging is a widely accepted corporate strategy. The one who aim for a faster growth in financial terms and market share do not shy away from one. When merging is in Government system, we call it Modi Governance of promised excellence! A cabinet of 45 is going to implement a successful corporate governance structure in the Government! Smaller cabinet and better governance! This theory is much advanced and appropriate than Manmohan’s “Group of Minister Mechanism

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Hope And Pray Modi Is The Messiah We Sought

Narendra Modi has been elected as the PM of the country. The party he happens to be in, the BJP, has gotten itself into the governing seat of the country on the back of the huge support across the country that Modi had for the post of Prime Minister. The wave of support for Modi led to a rout for most other political parties in the fray, and this is analysis and brooding time for

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India’s Biggest Dance of Democracy Left Nothing Untouched

Someone wisely said whether its positive or negative it does not matter till it creates a buzz. Indian Political parties, reportedly spent around $8bn, and created a lot of buzz and touched all sentiments, negative and positive to create promotional activity for them. From traditional to social media, out of every 10 feeds, 6 were political promotional content. Banners, exclusive interviews, TV-Ads, and the message in everything were so easy that even your one-year-old baby will

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Decline of Ideology in Lok Sabha Polls!

The iconic Indian General Elections are here! We are about to exercise our franchise to elect the 16th Lok Sabha and a new government at the Centre! As usual, the run up to the polls has been noisy with accusations, attacks on rivals and posturing’s by Parties and leaders both to woo the voters and heap blames on the opponents! All Media platforms are heated to the maximum with the cacophony of electoral coverages, despite

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NaMo – Armed With All the Ammo!!

Mr. Modi gave his final touches before the last lap towards Race 2014 by visiting his seniors, Mr.Advani and Vajpayeeji to convey his regards. He is now ready to single-handedly lead the BJP (some traces of NDA) towards forming the government in the next five years. If you take one look at Mr.Modi’s journey, it would surely be regarded as a remarkable event. Beginning as an aggressive leader, staunch follower of the Hindutava ideology, he

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