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Are we about to enter the ‘golden era’ of technology?

When we talk about technology, are we on the edge of a golden era? Will the advancement in technology serve as the tool that has an impact on the society over the next 20 years? Technology will soon have a dramatic impact on the man-machine interface and be a part of ushering in a golden era of technology. When we look at the new era of technology we should not limit it by extending it to a certain criterion but broaden our horizons and look at it in the way to see the world around us in new ways. Since

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Social Etiquette – The Forgotten Good-natured Behaviour Code

Commercialization has taken precedence over most of our good values! Is advancement in Science inversely proportional to advancement of ‘human-ness’? Ganesh Subramanian discusses our behavioural code which has changed with our so-called ‘advancement’ in this post. The biggest fear of advancement of mankind is that in the mad pursuit of developments and an equally insane dash for material possessions, somewhere there is a risk of losing our social values and a possible deviation from accepted behavioural norms. With crass commercialization of almost everything in humanity, good old values like respect for others, maintaining public decency, respect for elders etc., are well

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Awkward Moments: Here To Make You Laugh!

It was my awkward Moment when I was thinking today what to write. Nothing was coming to my mind. So, I am going to write on Awkward Moments 😛 😀 😉 Here I am adding some Awkward Moments that can make you laugh and think! 1.The awkward moment when people don’t laugh at your jokes! 2.The awkward moment when you remember something but you don’t know if it was real or just a dream. 3.Cancel! … Cancel! … CANCEL!!! …*Message sent*… KILL ME NOW. 4.That awkward moment when your crush doesn’t reply to your messages, but updates their Facebook status…

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