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Australia look heavyweight against Resurgent New Zealand

robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer The 4 best teams have made it to the semi finals. 2 of three most complete sides have figured a ticket on the plane to the MCG. Similar to 2011, the world cup final is being contested between host nations, bringing to the fore a new trend of perceived home advantage. The year 2013 was all about home advantage as observed in Test Match cricket and in the IPL. The 2015 world cup has caught

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The Helicopter that never took off

The Mahabharata had a character called Abhimanyu-son of the warrior prince Arjuna. Abhimanyu was known for his prowess in slicing through army formations, but had an Achilles heel that let him down in the war. He did not quite know to end his way through, out of an army formation. He basically did not finish well if we could say so, keeping the context on cricket. Talk about finishing well, the 90’s generation would auto

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Facing Australia in the Semis will be India’s biggest test this WC

The raging river is flowing towards the big dam. Will the dam break or will the dam block the river and change the course of all the water down into an abyss? India are that raging river, and they have assumed that form after largely being a drought ridden piece of barren land in the last one year. Australia is that strong dam that has been a constant source of fear for all rivers. When

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