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Dear Lovers, Don’t Drop The Pretence

By Joybrato Dutta Love is what you assumed Leonardo felt for Kate in Titanic. Love is what burnt Troy. A fulfilled love story inspires marriages that are filled with ‘awwww’ moments, but an incomplete one inspires generations to love. As strange as it may sound but the couples by which most lovers swear by – Romeo & Juliet, Heer & Ranjha, Laila and Majnu, didn’t really end up marrying. So most lovers know how to love,

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Chronicles Of A Mom – To – Be!! Woo Ho – PART 1

  Two educational degrees – check! Career – check! Marriage – Check! Love – Check! Baby – Err?!? A couple of months into our blissful marriage, a delayed period turned our lives into a tizzy! Barf! The numerous visits to the bathroom to retch, occasional dizziness, a freaked out husband! Could I be pregnant?!? The neurotics that we both are, we both spent a couple of sleepless nights googling out the numerous signs hoping that

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तू खूबसूरत है बहोत

  तू खूबसूरत है बहोत जानती है क्या ! संगेमरमरी मूरत है तू पहचानती है क्या ! पलकों में तेरी सुबह की आहट कुबुलाती है नैन जब खुलते है तेरे तो सुबहा  मुस्कुराती है , मेरी सुबहा और शाम है तू जानती है क्या ! मेरी सुराही मेरा जाम है तू पहचानती है क्या ! तू चाँद की करवट है नदिया का पनघट है दरिया की सरहद है जानती है क्या ! रोते हुए चेहरे

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He Got The Girl And I Ended With Monetary Wounds

  Occasion, lavishness and orchestra were all there. Gorgeous ladies and some well-groomed men were also in attendance. Mouth-watering food accompanied profligate beverages. In such a moment, If someone seizes your attention with his uninteresting face, you can guess he must have paid the bill and has to be the bride’s father. This fairy-tale is of my best friend’s wedding and the only two people who were feeling miserable there were I and my friend’s

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Twitterati And The Madras HC Sentence On Pre-Marital Sex And Marriage

  Madras High Court still trends on Twitter after their sentence yesterday was misread by a section who jump the gun without trying to lift it. Here are some epic ones Anand (@_Anand_i): Employee: Sir, shadi k liye chhutti chahiye. Boss: Arey, chutti ki kya zaroorat h.Lunch hour mein niptaa lo na. Kanika Upadhya (‏@NikkiUpadhyay): So how many of you have woken up married this morning? :p Alabhya Narang ‏(@alabhya_mufc): “marriages are made in heaven” acc to the new

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Battle of the Sexes in The Story of an Hour

True to the title, The Story of an Hour is a story of one hour in the life of the protagonist, Louise Mallard, who is ‘happily married’. When she hears about the death of her husband her immediate reaction is remorse. However, a while later, she feels ecstatic on being free! Mrs. Mallard cries with abandon instead of being paralysed with shock at the misfortune. While she withdraws to her personal space to reflect on

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Why Misogamists are Wrong: A Rebut to “A Misogamist’s Conundrum”

Our anonymous author tell us why Misogamists are wrong when they blame the institution of marriage without event looking into the reasons of why is it failing. A must read. This post put me in an inebriated frame of morbidity; first because, I am currently reading the suitable boy, and second, partly due to the whole concept of marriage as an institution that we have built. For me the reason, why marriage is an institution

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That Bong Connection…

  As I listen to the tunes of Biren Krishna  Bhadra, I realise the Bong connection in me despite being a southie by birth. And when I ponder and introspect, I have a hearty laugh on how much difficulties both the families faced to connect me to that connection! When I found my Mr.Right, I was in cloud nine unaware of the situations that might arise when we break the news of getting married to

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A Misogamist’s Conundrum

  Well! Well! We do have many misogamists in our society. Some are misogamist in their mind but do not openly accept it. As babies, people are innocent and pure, the reality and experience is what changes them. So it’s simply the experiences they see, feel and have that make them a misogamist. Not that being a misogamist is totally incorrect; anyone can choose to be so. Based on the negativity that misogamists see around marriages, they

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Of Love, Marriage and Broken Promises

  As a young teenage girl, she had all the dreams about love and romance that girls her age would have. These dreams were only enriched more by the constant input of love stories from the movies of Bollywood and the Mills and Boons novels. There was this excitement about finding you ultimate love who would sweep you off your feet, followed by a whirlwind romance and then a happily ever after. This was the

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