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Dirty Dishes – ii

go site Read the first part here She left the computer screen. She looked at the sink again. They could wait until she got back. The dishes weren’t going anywhere. She needed to get out though. She felt so much better after her shower. She took her time, styled her hair, plucked her eyebrows, applied some lipstick. She was OK. They were OK, they’d get through this because they were bigger than this. They had a lot of love

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#BreakingStereoTypes: Smart Way To Find Your Partner

People think, they marry; they have babies and get older with their partners. Having a legal partner is a social necessity. Matchmaker is a traditional concept. Time and technology transformed the matchmaker factor from known elder agent and relatives to online portals like Online matrimony sites are profitable business and are doing even better than online job portals in India. India’s online matrimony business will acquire a market size of Rs.1500 crore by 2017 from Rs.520 crore at

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Why Are Men Scared of Marriage? – II

After the first part, here we continue with reasons that probably didn’t crossed your mind: There are too many anti-marriage jokes doing the round:  Right from the daily soaps to stand up comedy shows to our beloved friend, marriage is a subject that is ridiculed and made fun of everywhere. Being exposed to anti-marriage jokes and texts from the very beginning of time leads everyone to believe that marriage is the last thing one would

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Why Are Men Scared of Marriage? – I

Men love their freedom. For them, the very thought of being committed to a single girl for the rest of their lives is enough to send running for cover. Is this the correct reason that they hate marriage or there is more to the story? This post is a perusal of the same. Men and marriage, as pretty these two words may look together, in reality both are like a pair of repelling magnets. However

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Book Review: The Lowland: By Jhumpa Lahiri

A loved one long gone survives in our memories. Does the loved one ever actually go then? Is the loved one painfully present? Does that mean bygone never actually departs? If yes, the palpable emotion emanating from one would be happiness – happiness of never losing who are thought as lost. Is it always happiness? I had never contemplated on it until I came across The Lowland – the swampy patch between two ponds in

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Movie Review: Shaadi Ke Side Effects: Don’t Waste Time

Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan & Ram Kapoor. Directed by: Saket Chaudhari. Plot: Loosely inspired by the John Hughes hit comedy ‘She is having a baby’ Shaadi ke side effects tells the story of a highly successful to be mom and a struggling musician dad who tries his best to be the coolest father ever. But messes up all the time. How the couple does off the box things to spice up their marriage at

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Geetanjali – Part 3

Saheb: It’s been a very long journey to my village. It takes nearly 8 hours by car to reach here. I love it and miss it occasionally. Whenever I have a weekday free I come here. I am standing beside my old mud house that my grandparents built, under a neem tree. My parents , simple farmers never got it renovated. My life has been a good life. I am married with two children and

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Ek Husband Ki Zubaani – Long Distance After Marriage

Last time I had shared my feelings about how long distance is a boon after marriage (Read here). After the piece, I was intrigued to know what my husband felt about this and decided to share his response with you all. I sat with him one Sunday afternoon and quizzed him on how long distance worked out for him. How does it feel when your wife says that she is happy about your long-distance relationship?

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Wedding Vs. Marriage

My wedding (not so long ago… okay 5 yrs. ago) was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had in my life!!! It was one of those events that was made by the people present. I had friends from all over the country and relatives from all across the world who came to witness my special day. A wedding is when people you love get together and become part of the happiest couple of

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Why Long Distance After Marriage Can be a Boon?

The first time he went away I felt a bit guilty for not feeling sad.depressed.agitated.insecure. But, it was in the beginning. That guilt was tossed out of the windows after I began having fun in ‘me time.’ I do not expect new brides to understand what I am talking about here. However, a few years into your marriage and you would know how your husbands’ short trips can work miracles for you. ‘Me time’ is

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