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A Lifetime Spent It was her 25th marriage anniversary. They had decided to throw a party in the evening. However, instead of being ecstatic she was in a reflective mood. Thinking, wondering, pondering…a whole series of events and images came to her mind. Not all of them were pleasant but definitely memorable. Sitting with a cup of tea in her hand in the small yet cosy balcony she mused about her marriage to a stranger whom she had eventually befriended.

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You Should Never Get Married: Here Are The Reasons

I love being Single and Alone, what about you? Reason is simple. All my energy goes into taking care of myself and self improvement. I can work hard on a project and a learn a new language without a hiccup from anyone around. Let me list down some concrete reasons to make you avoid getting into a relationship of any sort.  ☛You will have time to build a better you ☛You can do what you

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7 Reasons to Get Married

Marriage is a social sacrament for both the couple and their families. It does instill a sense of security and satisfaction for both the parties. There are definitely good reasons to get married. Though marriage is essentially a social construct, it has an important role to play in our lives and also within societies. Many argue over this social sacrament but, nonetheless most of us tie the nuptial knot during our lives. Most of us

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Lets be Fair & Lovely!

Union Minster Giriraj Singh’s recent jibe and the likes of him who comment on women and color of their skin shouldn’t come as a thunderbolt to us women. This is what the society, the world at large has been reduced to! Coming to think of it,there is hardly a urban-rural divide on this matter too! While mothers would constantly pursue the ends of the earth for the ideal sundar bahu (beautiful daughter in law) more

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Dear Deepika, keep your hypocrisy to yourself: An Open Letter

Vogue, India’s leading ‘fashion’ magazine and the maker of the ‘Let’s start with the Boys’ video, is back with another of its videos, titled, ‘My choice’. And this time, we have Bollywood’s leading lady taking the centre stage to speak for the women of our country. One would think it to be a moving, riveting, stark, dark, and a goosebump-inducing narrative. The first glimpse of the logo, with the bindi in there is quite reminiscent

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This country is run by women

For quite some time, I have been observing around and I come to the conclusion that this country is run by women (this is a generalization, outliers remain though)! If you actually see and analyze, the amount of work that a woman does is much more than the amount of work a man does. There are set duties for a woman, almost all the duties are pertaining to others in her life; anything that she

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A unique moment to say good-bye and welcome

Dual happiness has given a knock at the door of the world. I am getting married to history and the century is about to deliver its new baby. By now you must have understood who I am and who the new baby is. I am the bride ‘2014’ and the baby is ‘2015’. This is the most beautiful moment. I will take leave in the palanquin of the past and the new baby will arrive

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The Keys to a Happy Marriage is

CONCEPT OF MARRIAGE: In the very beginning, when human beings were not social, they used to spend their lives wildly. In that period they were free to live their lives anywhere, any way as per their need. Anybody could make physical relationship with anybody according to their desire or his physical requirement either forcibly or with the consent of his counterpart. Practicing this act nobody was responsible for any result of the incidents forged on

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The Matrimony Business! Is there a paradigm shift expected?

In India, marriages are part of the roadmap of evolution. No matter how busy you may be, there will come a time when every remotely known human around you will look at your ‘single’ status with a lot of worry. In Cricketing terms, a marriage is like a batting powerplay taken between a range of 5 years, differing for the genders, each with its own vagaries of expected performance and real performance. Given that marriages

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The Ring

I found a ring on the floor, the other day: a glint, a wink that caught the sunlight every time I moved my head. No one noticed me as I stood. No one looked over as picked it up. It must have been expensive; a solid gold band, with a thin wire of silver wrapped around like the delicate silk from a spider’s web. It weighed more than I expected it to and as I

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