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They say that hidden in every heart, There is love.. If only someone recognizes it..

Seriously My new favorite song 🙂 what a lovely voice Rekha ..Just loved it. I didn’t see Happy Ending but I can be sure that “Mileya Mileya” song would be a hit. ===================================== Kehte hain har ek dil mein chupa kahin pyaar hai, pyaar hai Bas pehchaane jo koi In English: “They say there’s love hidden somewhere in every heart, one just needs to discover it…” ====================================== Mileya Mileya Lyrics from Happy Ending Movie: Kehte hain har ek dil mein chupa kahi pyar hai, pyar hai Bas pehchaane jo koi Na jaane kis pal kahaan kaise khota qarar hai, qarar

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She replied : “Engagement ka kya hai, wo to kabhi bhi tut jaata hai”

Papa: Beta, don’t call or interact with that Girl now…its all over. Kumar: what happened dad! please tell me… Papa: Nothing son, You just focus on your career, Girl’s father is not responding.. Forget that you were engaged with anyone, we would find the best one. Kumar didn’t say anything for just a minute…after a minute he said: Okay! He went back inside the room and all memories boomeranged in his mind. 4 months Back, Kumar’s mother: Hey Son! how are you, we are going to see one girl for you.You might have seen on WhatsApp last week. did you

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In Quest of an Identity

He was born on the third day of November in the year 1978 in one of the lesser known localities of New Delhi, India’s capital city. The youngest of three brothers, he was his mother’s favourite—a predilection that unwittingly won him a secret animosity from his elder siblings.  Theirs was an average Indian middle class family – where values and tradition are held paramount whenever convenient and shoved away whenever not; where pedantic grandparents and philosophising parents moralise before indifferent children; where for all their affected piety, moolah is alluded to more often than God; and, where good education and fine grades

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Beyond Severance…

I look at my reflection in the mirror. I see the serene body lying in front of me, smiling beatifically in a dream in some far-away realm–sans a care in the world. She’s been my wife these seven-and-thirty years, this beautiful woman here, sleeping like a baby as I watch over her… I’ve always been fascinated by the magic a little time spent in quiet reflection is capable of conjuring. My current reverie takes me back to the time I’d first met her in college. She was strikingly beautiful with hazel eyes, raven tresses, a little nose and lips like

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The eyes and the soul – ii

Read Part i here The business my husband was overlooking was my father’s. It was willed to me. In a love-struck impulse I had handed over the decision-making power and unlimited authority over the coffers to my husband. I sent for the company lawyer who was my father’s trusted friend, apprised him of the situation and asked him to find a way of bringing all the power back to the pivot – me. To my relief, there was a quick way out as I was still the boss on papers—even though I had regressed into being no more than a

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The eyes and the soul – i

I had first met him a score or so years ago—a mere mite of a child scarcely four years of age; scrawny and freckled clinging to his mother’s sari as if he’d never let go of her. There was something about his expression that had struck me on that cold December morning when we’d first met. That uncanny ‘something’ still strikes a chord in my bosom whenever I dwell on that moment of long ago. There was something about his eyes that told me he was a kindred spirit…yet there was something more to them; something so intense, it is

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Call to walk in the path of Love with the Elderly!

“He will come”. “He is very busy,but he will take out time for me, she whispered in a very brittle voice.Tears rolled down her beady, heavy eyes. She grabbed my hands and took me to show a few art pieces that she had made. I looked around, all my friends were busy having a look at the mini art gallery in the old age home. There has been a surprisingly great rise in the number of old-age homes in the past few years. My visit to the old-age home has exposed me to certain ground realities. Earlier I used to

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An Outsider’s love at First Sight: MUMBAI

As my first day in Mumbai comes to an end, here I am, standing at Mohammed Rafi Chowk showcasing a silent protest against the legendary Rafi sahib’s 1956 song that claimed “Kahin building, kahin traame, kahin motor, kahin mill Milta hain yahaan sab kuch , ek milta nahi DIL Insaan ka nahin kahin naam aur nishaan Zara hat ke, zara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan” Translation (Buildings, Trams, Motors and Mills. You get everything here except a HEART People don’t have a name or identity here Keep away, keep safe , This is Bombay my dear) At around

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The coracle and the anchor

To my husband, because I love you. I often wonder where life would take me if I had not found my anchor. Where would I be? No doubt, I would land amongst rocky shores, beaten and worn from the tossing waves. I would be seasick, sick of sea and weary of water. No doubt my skin would be caked in salt, my lips bleeding and dry, hair matted and coarse and bones, tired and limp. My craft, you see, was never robust, you could hardly call it a craft! It is more of a coracle, small and round with only

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My Special Someone

You made my life an eternal bliss, your presence is something i am going to miss I know life is a roaler coaster ride, but the selfish me still wants you by my side Life is a story of opportunities which are innumerable, However your absence has left a void which is insurmountable Your face made me smile uncountable times However my happiness was as short lived as a nursery rhyme I want to hold on to you forever As these moments would come back never I know life is not cruel and it would give me a second chance

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