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अबकी बार जनम पाया तो

enter site अबकी बार जनम पाया तो, प्रभु से तुम्हे मांग आऊंगा. नैनों में तस्वीर तुम्हारी, पांओं में ज़जीर पड़ी है. हर ख़त का उत्तर कैसे दूँ ? पहरे पर तक़दीर खड़ी है. कल को राज -ताज बदलेगा. ये सामान -साज बदलेगा. तुम सुनना, संसार सुनेगा. गीत-अगीत सभी गाऊंगा. अबकी बार जनम पाया तो, प्रभु से तुम्हे मांग आऊंगा. तुम मेरी हर सच्चाई को, कवि का पागलपन कहती हो. पर मेरे गीतों से अपना आँचल भरने को

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Captain Jack Sparrow

What comes to your mind when you think of Jack Sparrow? suave, adventurous, reckless genius, master manipulator, pompous, narcissistic, eloquent, a phoenix and an outlaw in every imaginable way. Like every story worth telling, Jack’s story is a love story. But this love is not for a woman or gold or power. In his own words, the unbounded sea is his first love and his beloved ship the Black Pearl his second love. However, both

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The ‘My Side’ The ‘True Side’

Someone has truly said that because god cannot exist everywhere, he created parents. And this proverb I have actually experienced in my life and am very sure, many of us think alike; Parents are nothing but god. I survived from the nasty intentions of a person because my parents took a stand for me, which earlier I opposed to a greater extent but now have not only accepted, but feel happy from the bottom of

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Birthday musings of a mid-thirties guy

It’s been two days since my birthday and I am still smiling from ear to ear. Being tantalisingly close to mid thirties might not warrant that kind of excitement but when people come together to make you feel special in every little way they could, age becomes irrelevant and what counts for far more is the love and goodwill of people surrounding you. I am approaching that awkward age when the likes, comments, and connection

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Indian “Dilwale” American “Dulhaniya” Le jayenge

Happiness, Tears, Excitement,  Love and its variants (Ishq, Mohabbat, pyaar etc; Ask SRK to differentiate). These are common emotions that fill the aura of an airport I went there to drop my father. As he went inside the airport, I had my own ride of emotions.  As always, I took a walk around the area to bask in the luxury of nostalgia. Different people! Different Emotions! Different Situations! I noticed a family of approximately 15

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आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें

जिस दिया ने हमको दिए अँधेरे कालिख जिसकी जग को घेरे मानवता के अन्तरमन में नफरत की जो आग लगायें आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें | उस प्रकाश को समझ के कृपण अपना सब कुछ करते अर्पण भविष्य के कल्पित मोह जाल में अपना सुन्दर न आज गवायें आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें  | धर्म अफीमी ज्ञान अधूरा कुटिलों के पापों का घेरा पाप मुक्त दुनियां को करने हम तूफानी हवा चलायें आओ ऐसा दिया बुझायें  |

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मुझको करे बेचैन

मुझको करे बेचैन गोरी तेरा यों जाना तेरा इठलाना,तेरा बल खाना तेरा जाते हुए यों शरमाना मुझको करे बेचैन गोरी तेरा यों जाना   आओ कुछ पल साथ बितायें नाचें, झूमें और हम गायें जीवन भर का साथ हमारा हम बिछड़े तो हो मर जाना मुझको करे बेचैन गोरी तेरा यों जाना   जाने का तुम नाम न लेना जाने से जान चली जायेगी दिल जो टूटे अपना साथी कली प्यार की मुरझाएगी चाहे कुछ

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Only If She Had Known

He saw her looking at him from a distance, She looked down embarrassed He kept looking at her, looking at him She continued waking up with his thoughts. Only if she had known.   They started talking, He messaged her, she never wanted it to stop He said he’s in love with her, she was insecure and said no She cried all night, cursing herself, he said he’ll wait. Only if she had known.  

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An old lady and two Policewomen- And this happened!

Bangalore Yesterday morning, I was taking my usual stroll to office. I live near that long stretch that is a gateway towards connecting and separating people a.k.a AIRPORT ROAD. Positive being I pay a lesser exorbitant amount to reach the airport as compared to the rest of the city. The negative being occasional traffic blocks to ensure the VIPs of our country have a clear path to reach their destination at our expense. (Dilli ,

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Happy Valentine’s Day

We first met at high school. It was definitely not love at first sight. In a casual chat one fine day at the start of the new session, we felt we shared similar views, and somehow we knew that we could be friends. We were in the same class, same section. We would sit together during classes, study, take notes, discuss politics, sports, cinema and life. We would share our Tiffin boxes with each others

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