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Mesmerising Elephanta Experience

get link Ten nautical miles away from the busy city of Mumbai lie the enigmatic Island of Elephanta.  Water bodies tend to have a soothing effect on me and but not this time. The heat and the moisture made the atmosphere in the boat extremely oppressive. I was more troubled by the number of food packets, plastics and coconut shells which went floating past. However, we reached the island within forty-five minutes and then took a tram

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Shubho Mahalaya – The Story Behind Durga Puja

Come October, Bengalis around the globe will be busy celebrating the biggest festival ever – the Durga Puja. This year, barely a week left, preparations have started in full swing. In this post, I will discuss about the legend behind the event of Mahalaya. Mahalaya is celebrated just a week before Durga Puja. To put it otherwise, Mahalaya ushers the actual aura of Durga Puja. Mahalaya is an auspicious occasion where the invocation of the

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Kali in the Kitchen!

I watch in trepidation as Ma stalks the kitchen. She’s picked up the sickle, not a good sign. I know better than to stand in her way or try and dissuade her, she’ll calm down eventually, work out that it’s not the right time. But today, I can’t help but worry. There’s something different in the way she’s holding her weapon. I move away, I know there’s nothing I can do for the time being,

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Rameswaram: A Place with Mystifying effects

Located in the southern district of Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram is touted to be a famous religious pilgrimage site. I am not religious, but I am attracted to the mysticism of religion, the spiritual aspect of it. Rameswaram is precisely located on the Pamban Island, which is also known as the Rameswaram Island and it is in the Gulf Of Mannar, at the tip of the Indian Peninsula. This was a family trip giving my family

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Myths Behind the Festival of Colours – II

In the previous part we discussed the popular legend of Hiranyakshyapu and Prahlad. In this post, we will look into the lesser known myths associated with Holi – one of them being that of Radha and Krishna. It is believed that in the village of Gokul, where the divine Krishna spent his heydays, he would play pranks on the girls, usually referred to as gopis. Krishna would drench the gopis playfully, in a way, celebrating the

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हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी भोलेनाथ

हे देवाधिदेव महादेव, चरसियों – गंजेड़ियों – भंगेड़ीयों केफेवरेट आप की महिमा अपरम्पार हैगुरु. आपकी ब्रांड वैल्यू इतनी हाई है कि मेरे जैसे तुच्छ मनुष्य आपका एक साइड भी पूरा नहीं समझ पाते, हम केवल उसी पहलू को देखते हैं जो हमें पसंद आता है. जैसे कि आपकी मस्त मलंग प्रकृति, आप जैसा चिल्ड आउट भगवान अन्य कौन है प्रभु, भोले आप तो उनका भी भला कर देते हो जो आपकी कथा में ढेरों अमेंडमेंट्स कर कर के

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On a Goan Forest Trail

Goa’s often known just for the beaches has tracts of equally wonderful forest lands which are unknown to most. Kartik Kannan, explores one such tract, the extremes of Harmal Village, where he got a free facepack, and an unexpected encounter with a greedy ‘baba’ who requested a laptop as Dakshina. Read on to know what happened next.  7 am, is a time most people don’t see in Goa, and I was one of the few

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