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अब चाँद वैसा नहीं

नन्ही सी गुडिया थी जब मैं माँ की गोद में सर अपना रखकर देखा करती थी चाँद मैं | कभी मुझे वह सिक्का लगता कभी लगता नानी का चेहरा कभी उसे मैं पालना सोचती कभी सोचती लड्डू सुनहरा | जब थी मैं छोटी…………………. ……………………………देखा नहीं कभी चाँद को मैंने देखा वही जो चाहा मैंने सोचा वही जो चाहा सोचना | बचपन अब बीत चुका है चाँद वही आसमान पर आता फर्क मगर है इस चाँद

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The Buddha Speaks – 1

The A.B. Godrej road was jam-packed and was teeming with four wheelers, honking their way to reach work places at early ‘office-traffic’ hours in the morning. The sweltering summer at its peak was augmenting the exasperation of the commuters. The AC was at its peak too in Siddharth’s car but the heat outside seemed to have an infuriating effect on him. He constantly kept wiping his forehead and blew the horn effortlessly. The traffic was

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इश्वर की अनंत सत्ता में आदिकाल से अन्तकाल तक अणु से लेकर महा तत्व तक कण कण में जीवन भरता हूँ पंचतत्व के अमरत्व से विलसित प्रेम नाम से विख्यात हूँ | विघटित जग के रोम-रोम में सिंचित करता हर अभिलाषा खंडित करता हर एक निराशा एक सूत्र में सबको ग्रंथित करता हूँ ध्वनी-गुंजन से निरव्त्व तक मैं फैला हुआ महाशब्द हूँ | काया की नश्वरता से मुक्त मैं नहीं तन नहीं जाती का वाचक

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Being Mom

19th March, 2008-Riddhima, my niece was born. Six months later my sister joined her work back after a sabbatical and for the first time Riddhima was left to me and I had to take care of her all by my own. I still remember holding her in my arms, tightly cuddled on to me when she smiled looking at me and muffled something in her adorable voice that sounded very much similar to ‘ma’! For the

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Living On The Edge

It was one of those late Friday evenings when you are ready to embrace the weekend after work. I was hastening to the subway to catch a train home. In the subway I found a group of people who were putting in herculean efforts for a little attention from the rushing commuters. You must be wondering what were these people doing, and why did they have to put herculean efforts to seek attention. The group

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First Love

It was another evening when I was standing at the window in my room and sipping hot tea from the inverted bell shaped mug that I have preserved since the past six years. The Sharma family lives right across my window in the neighboring wing of my apartment. I saw Sharma aunty descend the stairs of the building with her daughter and her husband, carrying huge amount of luggage. As I stole a glance across

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The Last Mughal

The conflict between imperialism and religious fundamentalism that has jeopardized the world, is deep-rooted in blood, and has a history that is more than 150 years old. William Dalrymple brings forth stories from the past, and elucidates this strife in ‘The Last Mughal’, in an insightful manner. The book is not an assembly of historical archives, rather the archives woven into a tale that repaints the anachronistic India of 1857, and the series of events that

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आगमन से तुम्हारे, धरती ने नई चेतना में स्नान किया । देश का कोना कोना पुकार रहा है युवा युवा । ज़रुरत आन पड़ी है तुम्हारी, जनता आश्रित है तुम पर उम्मीद लगाये बैठी है कि तुम लाओगे नया सवेरा । उंढेल दो अपनी सारी ऊर्जा बेह जाने दो इस युवा शक्ति को सींचने दो उसे इस मिटटी को लाने दो एक नयी जागृति । जला दो तुम हर द्वार पर ज्ञान का दीपक, प्रकाश

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The Book Bug vis-à-vis The Tech-Bug

The evocation for this vox pop struck me from an online conversation with a friend of mine, a couple of weeks ago. The colloquy was about “The Shadow Lines”, a book by Amitav Ghosh that I am reading currently. Both of us have a penchant for reading and possess avarice for books. Always trusting my opinion about books to read, he agreed to give the book a shot. However I was taken aback by a

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