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Courage to Heal – 2

If someone has had a difficult childhood, either the loss of one parent to death or parents separating – the pain is severe. I knew someone who was abandoned by her mother as a child. The pain must have been excruciating. Though as an outsider, I will never be able to gauge the intensity of her emotions, but placing myself in her shoes once, I do feel the pain, the loss and the grief. However,

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The Question Of I

As a general rule, we tend to forget ourselves in the midst of our daily lives. We’re engrossed in the world around us, and forget to pay attention to who is experiencing this world. I think this is an ignored facet of our current civilization, and I think it wasn’t like this in earlier periods. If I try to draw my attention in and focus it on the “experiencer”, I find it hard to do,

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The Good Life

I was just asking myself, what I wanted to do with my life and sometimes when I am honest with myself none of the answers match with the job description of my job. I admire the myriad consumer insights that my mind dissects whenever I am on the road, or watching a commercial, but what has really interested me is the spirit of long time world travel. Sometimes I ask myself, when is a good

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Life’s Stages-Like A T20 Game

When I look at the various stages of life, it has a close resemblance to the T20 cricket being dished out in IPL4. The message I get is that, each stage of life is a new match, with new highs and lows not quite related to the previous performance. Though the scars of the previous bad performance, may seep into the next stage of life, it’s upto the individual to selectively filter, what he wants.

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Life, Death and Other Ramblings!

What is life, a journey, a celebration, a treat to savour?And what is death, the inevitable, the loss of consciousness, the destination? What if one day suddenly the fine line between life and death gets blurred to such an extent that we are not sure which side are we in. This is not another sci-fi movie in the making but an actual event in the life of a friend. So let me introduce you to

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Whats Life: A Play

  Life is but a play! The world’s an arena on display Everyone’s for the limelight, the glitter We scheme, we cheat, we act! Masks Masks everywhere Lies lies everywhere, Different types of lies!!! What is real, what is true… unknown What is favourable, we deem it the truth Everyone’s truth is different and flexible We scheme, we cheat, we act! Masks Masks everywhere Lies lies everywhere Different types of lies!!! Painted faces, dazzling dresses,and oh what

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