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হিন্দিভাষী বাঙালী

source link বড়জোর দিন দশেক হবে।  সাউথ সিটির উল্টোদিকে যে জাস্ট বেকড কাফেটা আছে, সেখানে গেছিলাম।  উদ্দেশ্য দুজন বন্ধুর করা।  বন্ধুদের আসতে একটু দেরী হবে , তে ভেতরে গিয়ে বসলাম,বাইরে  যা রোদ পরেছে থাকা যাচ্ছিলনা।  ভেতরে গিয়ে বসা মাত্র  এগিয়ে আসলো একটি মেনু নিয়ে, ছেলেটি: “ক্যা চাহিয়ে স্যার?” আমি: “মেনুতে যা যা আছে সব হবে?” ছেলেটি: “নেহি স্যার , অভি কোল্ড কফি হোগা , কফি হোগা , শেক হোগা ” আমি: “ম্যাঙ্গো শেক হবে ?” ছেলেটি: “হোগা

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Down the Memory Lane – Bhitarkanika-Gahirmata

So, in this second post I will describe my experiences of an adventure trip that we took to Bhitarkanika. It was December again, (definitely not the same year as we did Gopalpur). But we had to make a few preparations before embarking on our journey. As we had no access to the Internet, offices of tourism departments came in handy. My dad approached the Orissa Tourism’s office in Kolkata and gathered all the necessary information.

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Down the Memory Lane: Gopalpur-on-Seas

Travelling does help create awesome memories and some of them stay with you forever. As a child I had the privilege of travelling and exploring unknown places with my parents. Whether it was trekking high up the Tungnath (highest Shiva Temple in the world) or diving in the deep seas at Gopalpur-on-Sea, or staring with awe at a crocodile in the marshes of Bhitarkanika (Orissa), I do feel blessed at times to be able to

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Rituparno Ghosh, The Unforgettable Influence On Indian Cinema

I recently watched two of Rituparno Ghosh‘s films, Memories in March and Chitrangada. And I was pretty much stunned after watching them. Here is one man who, more or less single-handedly, lifted the standards of modern Bengali cinema to a level that continues to have us bedazzled, by its sheer splendour and artistic merit. For those of you unfamiliar with Ghosh, he was one of the best film directors of the recent times, up to his sad demise last year

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Metro Systems In Delhi And Kolkata, A Lesson To Learn

Kolkata – The City of Joy, the eastern megametropolitan, the cultural capital of India. This is the rosy picture painted in the minds of some people still, when the hear the name of the city. Truly, Kolkata has some uniquely amazing features – it’s home to the second largest sports stadium in the world, the only existing tramway system in Asia, the largest museum in the continent and… the best metro system as declared in

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Sonar Kella: A Memory of Detective Stories

I was just watching a part of the many downloadable sections of Sonar Kella. It reminded me of those lazy afternoons in Kolkata of the early 90s when alongside my elder brother, uncle I would sit and hear stories of detectives with rounded eyes. My pupils would dilate as my elder brother, lovingly called Dadamoni, would rush us younger cousins through stories where the detective in chase of the killer was actually pursuing one of

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Parlez-Moi D’amour – To Paris, With Love

To Paris… If you have ever visited Paris, inevitably you probably want to visit again. If you have never been…you must! Paris is all about aesthetics. It is about being pleasing to the eye, to the ear and to the tongue. Even the mums in the park oozed style in just their trainers, shabby jogging bottoms and effortlessly tousled hair dos. Their children and husbands, not to be left behind, carried themselves as if they

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Weekend Destination from Kolkata: Gadiara

Barely 90 kilometers away from Kolkata, is Gadiara famous for its confluence of two rivers – Damodar and Rupnarayan. This small town in the Howrah district also happens to be popular tourist spot. Gadiara has an interesting history to narrate. During the early 18th century, when the British rule in India had already gained strong ground, Gadiara was notorious for river pirates who often looted and plundered the surrounding regions. So, in order to guard

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Memories of England

We’re back in Kolkata now. It’s wonderful to be home, but memories of a lovely time remain. Life is a little simpler in my mother’s house, although a little cramped. It’s a house full of love and affection and emotions that spill out at every opportunity. It’s where I learned to love cricket and how to chop onions. It’s where I tantrum regularly, just because I can and it’s where I know I will always

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