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The World is More Indian Than We Think – 1

What goes up, comes down, what goes around comes around! Newton formalized the law of Gravity, but something a little similar is the unwritten law of Karma, which basically says that wheels of fortune can come a full circle!  India actually had the distinction of being the world’s largest economy hundreds of year’s back, as it accounted for almost a third of the world’s GDP. The goods produced in India had long been exported to

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Stumbling Upon A Goan Rave Party – Part 2

Followed from Part 1 Here We sighed and drove a little more, keeping a directional track of how far our trip back to civilization would be. We saw a French couple, driving a Honda Activa bike, also searching for the same temple. Now, I was very sure that a party was certainly on, but the challenge was to obviously find it in this almost un-inhabited part of Goa. It was unusually chill, as we were driving in the

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Exploring Karnataka – Channapatna – Part 1

It had been a while, since I had ventured out on any trip. Work had left me drained out, with weekends too being spent at work. My eyes only saw tasks, to-do lists, status updates and emails spread across different digital devices. I needed to spend some time with myself. Maybe a trip, without having any responsibilities around the trip, where I could gaze and wonder at nature, without a time restriction or pressure to

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Are We Doing Enough To Protect Our Heroes?

Everytime this IPL, I see Yousuf Pathan and Yuvraj Singh stride out to bat, I sense they are feeling heavy in the head, in a mind dominated with self-doubt than swagger. They quite seem to know that 22 yard strip and the 13 men on the field are waiting for them to cave in and fail yet again. It must feel like a Damocles sword hanging above their neck, with every passing failure in contribution.

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Movie Review: Queen: Kangana Carries The Movie Brilliantly

Indian girl from one of the upper middle class “Kaloneys” of New Delhi, is told bluntly a couple of days before the wedding by the boy, that he is not interested in the marriage. She freaks, She almost succumbs the numb fear of “what will people say”, and then the little travel bug in her, decides to germinate. A wasted flight ticket for now-out-of-sight honeymoon is what it may have been, but the girl decides

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Arijit Singh and Akruti Kakkar Concert in Bangalore

This was a concert sponsored by Blumerq Official. During the event, Blumerq (a casual clothing brand for men) launched their Spring Summer 14 collection. The concert featured Kishore Sodha who opened the event with mellifluos renditions of Kishore Da’s songs. Kishore Sodha, had palyed the trumpet for “Badtameez Dil” in the movie “Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani”. Arijit Singh and Aakruti Kakkar, entertained the audience with 4 minute performances. Some of the songs that Arijit sang where a

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In Search Of Life

I am right now filling up an application form, for my Masters in business administration and when these questions stare at me, I just seem to copy it and stare blankly at life Do I have a life? Am I living the life I want? Do I know what I want to do? Do I know where I am heading in Life? Do I know the right people to trust in life ? My answers

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What Makes Rajnikanth Tick

Born as Shivaji Rao Gaikwad 57 years ago, Rajnikanth made his first steps into tinsel town with his first movie “Aboorva Ragangal” in 1975. Since then in the last 31 years, he has won 14 awards for his movies. A harder look at statistics reveal that all of Rajnikanth’s movies ran for more than 100 days, including his latest movie “Chandramukhi” in 2005. The above statistic easily makes him the most watched Indian superstar amongst

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Nandi Hills- Awesome Destination For A Quick And Dirty Trip

I had been last week to Nandi Hills with my fiancé. The place seems excellent for a short weekend getaway. We were there only for a part of the day, but ideally its a nice place to stay. There are 2 hotels to stay. One being Mayura Pine Guest House and the other being the horticultural bungalow in the hill. I am not too sure about the rates, but I guess it wont exceed Rs

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