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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog – 2 The first part of this photoblog with some really good misty pictures of an early morning in Bangalore can be found here. Overnight journey, sleep deprived people in speeding buses and cars are racing about on empty roads to get to their destination and warm up at their homes, and maybe even catch a power nap, before deciding to reluctantly turn up at work. When the night gives way to the morning, you have the

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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog

While #DilliKiSardi is what people fondly remember when it comes to winter in India, there are other places, where winter may not be as strong, but it surely has its own character and colour. I live in Bangalore and Chennai, alternating between the cities. Given Chennai, has very little of what constitutes a winter, I decided to have a look at what an early morning in Bangalore looks like, given that the chill weather rarely

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The Matrimony Business! Is there a paradigm shift expected?

In India, marriages are part of the roadmap of evolution. No matter how busy you may be, there will come a time when every remotely known human around you will look at your ‘single’ status with a lot of worry. In Cricketing terms, a marriage is like a batting powerplay taken between a range of 5 years, differing for the genders, each with its own vagaries of expected performance and real performance. Given that marriages

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A beginner’s guide to having a good time in Goa

You have 3 days and 3 nights to burn off. What do you do? Go to Goa. You and your friends want to have a good time, a break from the excruciating pace of corporate life? Go to Goa. Reunion? Go to Goa. Romantic get-away? Go to Goa. Goa in India is synonymous with holidays, fun, beaches, gorgeous girls, cheap booze and rejuvenation. But most of us are clueless about how to make the best out of 3 (or

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The World is More Indian Than We Think – 3

Part 1 and Part 2 India has done well to be part of a global village all along, where India has blended well into the global mix. Globalization is like a wave, and one can grow together along with it, and also fall along with it. While India is dependent on globalization to make it better, India has also evolved certain aspects that make India unique to the outside world. The red carpet welcome to

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The World is More Indian Than We Think – 1

What goes up, comes down, what goes around comes around! Newton formalized the law of Gravity, but something a little similar is the unwritten law of Karma, which basically says that wheels of fortune can come a full circle!  India actually had the distinction of being the world’s largest economy hundreds of year’s back, as it accounted for almost a third of the world’s GDP. The goods produced in India had long been exported to

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Stumbling Upon A Goan Rave Party – Part 2

Followed from Part 1 Here We sighed and drove a little more, keeping a directional track of how far our trip back to civilization would be. We saw a French couple, driving a Honda Activa bike, also searching for the same temple. Now, I was very sure that a party was certainly on, but the challenge was to obviously find it in this almost un-inhabited part of Goa. It was unusually chill, as we were driving in the

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Exploring Karnataka – Channapatna – Part 1

It had been a while, since I had ventured out on any trip. Work had left me drained out, with weekends too being spent at work. My eyes only saw tasks, to-do lists, status updates and emails spread across different digital devices. I needed to spend some time with myself. Maybe a trip, without having any responsibilities around the trip, where I could gaze and wonder at nature, without a time restriction or pressure to

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Are We Doing Enough To Protect Our Heroes?

Everytime this IPL, I see Yousuf Pathan and Yuvraj Singh stride out to bat, I sense they are feeling heavy in the head, in a mind dominated with self-doubt than swagger. They quite seem to know that 22 yard strip and the 13 men on the field are waiting for them to cave in and fail yet again. It must feel like a Damocles sword hanging above their neck, with every passing failure in contribution.

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