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You Know What We Did This Summer? | Temple Bay Tales | Trailer

A Delhi guy always asks ” What can we really do in Tamil Nadu’s east coast” during summer? Seems a valid question, until you discover that you can do all of the below over a weekend flight to Chennai. We’ve documented our experiences with a Vlog. Have a look at our trailer! The series launches later this week from the 16th of May on WordKraft. Hope you come back to watch this   If you

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The mesmerising hills of Coonoor
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The Kurumbadi Vlog-Part 4

We’ve so far talked about reaching the village of Kurumbadi and arriving on a Toy Train Trip. In Part 3 we talked about driving to Teanest, a place near Coonoor, early in the morning rain to start a 10 kilometre trek. In this episode (4) we talk about the beautiful trek through Singara Estate from the higher reaches of Coonoor to Kurumbadi by the little waterfall which merges into the Bhavani River, overlooking the majestic

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Dining overlooking the Nilgiris
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The Kurumbadi Vlog-Part 1

Have you heard about the land of the Kurumbas? The Kurumbas are one of the three native tribes living in the Nilgiris. Join me on my journey as I explore the places around Kurumba Village. Here’s the first part in this series as I drive through Mettupalayam on a rainy morning, into the sylvan surroundings of Kurumba Village.   Go and watch Part-2 here

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The Helicopter that never took off

The Mahabharata had a character called Abhimanyu-son of the warrior prince Arjuna. Abhimanyu was known for his prowess in slicing through army formations, but had an Achilles heel that let him down in the war. He did not quite know to end his way through, out of an army formation. He basically did not finish well if we could say so, keeping the context on cricket. Talk about finishing well, the 90’s generation would auto

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Go Granny Go: How I enjoy watching World Cup Cricket with Nani

Feb 22nd 1992– It was just the day after my 9th birthday and I was quite on cloud 9. I had devoured the contents of that week’s ‘The Sportsar’ World Cup Edition, I had a good birthday and that cute Gujrati girl in my class consented to sit next to me in our hindi class. Quite a charmed life it was! As Feb 21st gave way to the 22nd, the little suburb of Adayar in Chennai had more

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The Insurance that won’t be around in the 2015 Cricket World Cup

Where’s heaven? Where’s that dreamy world of a promised land? Maybe airplanes take you there, Maybe even Magic Mushrooms take you there. Can just seeing a human smile take you there? Kartik Kannan found a couple of humans who’ve taken him to the promised land. He’s seen the promised land, and recounts the land’s insurance policy that kept him sane all along. This time in February 2015, he’s all alone, with his insurance policy not

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Cricket World Cup 2015- Realistic Evaluation of the Teams!

How important is history when determining the future? I’ve seen quotes saying that the future is not always determined by the past, but somewhere when we look to predict who would win out of multiple choices, our brain is hardwired to look at history. So how much of history is the right quantity to look? Is it 2 years, 4 years, 8 years or previous editions of the World Cup? I am trying to keep

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Tata Bolt Review: All you need to know

I had been to a couple of centers in Chennai, to understand where I could see the Tata Bolt. I went on the 25th of January to the Tata Bolt promotional showcase in S.P. Infinity in Chennai, after quickly checking with the twitter handle of Tata Motors. I was able to see the car first there at this centre, and took some photos of the car’s interiors and exteriors. I could not however use it

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