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A Gentleman’s Game. Why Question Now???

Ankush Kumar talks how irresponsible talks and books only take away the interesting and unpredictable factor away from the game. This one is as straight as it gets and we hope it reaches Ed Hawkins. Bookie update… India will bat first and score over 260, 3 wickets fall within the first 15 overs, Pakistan will cruise to 100, then lose 2 quick wickets, at 150 they will be 5 down and crumble and lose by a margin of over 20 runs. I happened to read the book authored by Ed Hawkins. For people who don’t know him, you have Google.

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Influence of Music on the Inner World

Shwetha Kalyanasundaram talks of the beauty of musical chords and how history and the present have been proof of the way music impacts our inner world All our ancient treatises on music propound that it is a gift mankind has been bestowed with from Divinity above; and that its bliss is made available to everyone as freely as air, water and the sunrays. These great texts on music also enjoin it upon man to imbibe this great power of music and to enrich his spiritual power and to purge his body, mind and soul of all impurities that might be

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Delhi Delights Indifferent Hues: A Different Take on the Kohli-Gambhir Spat

From among all the mysteries surrounding the Indian Premier League emerges one ever-lasting truth – you can take a Delhi guy to Kolkata or Bangalore, out can’t get Dilli of the said guy, writes Jaideep Ghosh. If you’re from Delhi, you’ll know the expression – a scowl, stating ‘don’t mess with me’, a prized possession to be kept as carefully the latest smart phone, iPod/Pod and sneakers. This is to be carried everywhere –while driving, walking, in a restaurant, definitely in a bar (some even scowl in a dark movie hall!). Now, this scowl can turn into a snarl in

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Attractions in Bharatpur, Rajasthan: Part 1

Yes, the Keoladeo bird sanctuary and Bharatpur are synonymous to each other. However, that’s not the only spectacular place in the city! The foundation was laid for the city of Bharatpur around 100AD when the Jats migrated to India. For a small city, Bharatpur has quite an intricate and gory history involving the founders – the Jat rulers, the Mughal reign and the transfer of power to the British East India Company. This rich history has left its mark on Bharatpur in the form of architectural and cultural heritage. In fact, Bharatpur is a city of forts. The interesting forts

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5 Reasons Why Aam Aadmi Party’s Civil Disobedience Is Justified

Allegations against Arvind Kejriwal and his party that his entire fast was a drama for political gains are gaining stead. Here are five reasons why even if the entire thing was for gains still the movement is justified. Firstly on sheer numbers, AAP claimed they got 9.6 lakh people to sign the letter of protest. The population of the national capital is approximately 20 million and 1 million is 5 percent of it. Not by any standards a small number in a democratic set-up. This simply means that the people of the day are being harassed in the name of

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Glass Ceiling in Industrial Relations – Has The Time Come For Eradication?

Gurulakshmi Iyer- Hait, an HR professional, highlights the reasons for women to be behind in the Industrial work force and reasons why they would succeed more than men here. As an HR professional when I read that women have entered all spheres of corporate world, it really makes me proud. At the same time it triggers my thoughts too.Have they really occupied all top positions? There may be many other portfolios where women may not have been given appropriate place,but being from HR background my thoughts are really restricted to my profession. When I think further from my experiences I

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Outcaste: A Memoir – Book Review

Outcaste: A Memoir encompasses the voices of three generations of the Jadhav family, beginning with the grandsire and protagonist, Damu Mahar and his wife, Sonu, then goes on to the author himself and ends with the author’s daughter, Apoorva’s perspective. The story begins with Damu, performing the customary Yeskar duties of a Dalit by announcing the arrival of the Mamledar in the event of a mishap. After the mamledar’s departure when he looksforward towards having his meals, he is told by the Fauzdar to guard the dead body until the policearrives. Damu’s obeisance and hard labour is awarded by abuses,

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Lalit Modi Did Not Like the IPL-6 Opening Ceremony, So Did I

After SRK promised a super good opening ceremony for IPL 6, I actually left office early to catch up, all though in disappointment as it was probably the least entertaining till date. Four reasons below. We just don’t want foreign stars for the sake of it. If they come, they better perform. Only God knows why Pitbull came to perform at the opening ceremony. He neither sang, nor lip-synched for the entire duration of his performance. He probably justified SRK’s allegation in which he said “Itna paisa main itna ichhh milega”. And yes if it was watching Pitbull’s pelvic movements,

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How Ravindra Jadeja Trolled His Critics

From mockingly calling him Sir Ravindra Jadeja to making thousands of memes on him, Ravindra Jadeja has seen fun being made on him everywhere on the internet. It was him though who finally had the last laugh 24 wickets in a Test series against Australia. Yes, you got the numbers right. Jadeja, who till a few days back was being trolled left, right and center on the social media, bagged 24 wickets against a good team, proving a few points to his critics. The last image I saw of him was that of being in the illustrious company of Sachin

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