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Indian “Dilwale” American “Dulhaniya” Le jayenge

Happiness, Tears, Excitement,  Love and its variants (Ishq, Mohabbat, pyaar etc; Ask SRK to differentiate). These are common emotions that fill the aura of an airport I went there to drop my father. As he went inside the airport, I had my own ride of emotions.  As always, I took a walk around the area to bask in the luxury of nostalgia. Different people! Different Emotions! Different Situations! I noticed a family of approximately 15 people crowding near the departure zone. Their son/grandson/brother/uncle (all adequately represented by one Gentleman) was on his way abroad . There were tears in his

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Child Labour – Unlocking India’s Hidden Shame

The government might soon allow child labour, but only for ‘family enterprises’. This is the result of the latest amendment to the Child Labour Prohibition Act, which has fought to give millions of children a future that doesn’t exploit them. It is a matter of concern. Children are the gifts of God who fill the world with happiness, joy, and hope. They are the future citizens of a country, therefore, an individual’s childhood determines his or her future and worthy contributions towards the society and world in general. So, when we discuss child labour, we know that it is a

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International Relations – India and Its Neighbours

India is a country which has one of the most difficult neighborhoods in the world. ‘The Border Disputes’ was a troublesome heritage that India inherited along with independence on 15th August 1947. But recently, the Modi government has been putting immense efforts in strengthening the international relations of the country and continuing in this same line of thought Mr Modi is all set for his high profile visit to China in the coming month. The bilateral talks have already begun and the recent news from Beijing which is making huge headlines is about the disputable Arunanchal Pradesh area where Chinese

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India, Pakistan or INDIASTAN…?

Since 1947, ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ is always being talked and discussed inquisitively by people, government, army men, media etc. And now here are two teenagers shouldering their responsibilities towards peace in India and Pakistan. The age when minors are yet in a condition to explore what exactly peace between India and Pakistan means, Khushboo Danish (The City’s School Bhit Shah, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan) and Arsh Arora (St. Marks Senior Secondary Public School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India), the founders of Indo-Pak Peace Project (IPP) are working incandescently for making peace happen between the two countries. “We believe in friendship and

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भारत और इंडिया में अंतर…..

भारत में गॉंव है, गली है, चौबारा है. इंडिया में सिटी है, मॉल है, पंचतारा है. भारत में घर है, चबूतरा है, दालान है. इंडिया में फ्लैट और मकान है. भारत में काका है, बाबा है, दादा है, दादी है. इंडिया में अंकल आंटी की आबादी है. भारत में खजूर है, जामुन है, आम है. इंडिया में मैगी, पिज्जा, माजा का नकली आम है. भारत में मटके है, दोने है, पत्तल है. इंडिया में पोलिथीन, वाटर व वाईन की बोटल है. भारत में गाय है, गोबर है, कंडे है. इंडिया में सेहतनाशी चिकन बिरयानी अंडे है. भारत में दूध है,

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India vs Bangladesh: Will it turn out to be David vs Goliath?

We always love it when David challenges Goliath. Those stories in cricket are cricketing dots in a timeline view of the entire cricket we watch.  When the fable was narrated, we’d picture a sad looking David, getting inspired to knock off the complacent Goliath. Bangladesh, have yet to get out of that skin of David after playing around 27-28 years of international cricket. They are like those 100-meter sprinters who choke in a marathon race. They have their moments when they nose ahead and they suddenly look invincible, but they never manage to sustain the habits required to win. Bangladesh

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Predictions for the semi-finals of the World Cup

Just when you near the end of your holiday, does it dawn on you that your holiday is about to end? I guess that’s how most of the cricket fans must be feeling. We’ve flirted a month long with emotions of hope, anxiety, abuse, banter and chirpiness. The romance associated with David defeating Goliath lasted a few fleeting moments and did not quite extend to the knockouts as none of the associates managed to reach the finish line. 8 of the top nations have earned their place in the knockouts. There’s not been place for any hate or animosity unlike

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Rampaging India up against struggling Zimbabwe

5 wins out of 5 games, and India seem raring to go in this edition of the world cup. They’ve been skating on ice gracefully, and hope that the last leg of the league phase will continue being on ice, and not potentially be a banana skin to step on. Zimbabwe have been a competitive side in this edition of the World Cup and would well know that but for a different decision of Sean Williams (In the Ireland v Zimbabwe game), this could have still been a game that mattered for a quarter final spot. Zimbabwe, though have been

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Of India, and changing India

All of us, once at least would have asked this question: “What will happen to this country!” (“kya hoga iss desh ka!”)… I have asked this question several times to myself and now I helplessly admit that I have concluded that “iss desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta!”. India is going to remain India. By this I mean the attitude of the people and not the other dynamics – like usage of mobile phone for example. Recently I traveled in a train a few times after some years. I observed the train is exactly the same as it was decades

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India’s bowling and South Africa’s batting hold key to crucial encounter

The world cup is a funny beast. It has this little item number called ‘contrasts’ that makes cricket a little interesting. As both these sides get into an important Pool B contest, history and recent form could come a cropper if the script for the game suddenly moves to the ‘Contrast’ setting. While South Africa are known for their ruthless and tigerish resolve in the qualifying stages before a knockout in World Cups, they seem to freeze the stage after. Examining a little more in detail, while South Africa were tested in 2003 and 2011 during the group stages, they’ve largely

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