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I’m a patriot and I have seen the Future I’m a patriot to the core, I love this country with all its greatness, beauty and its shadows. I am proud to be born Indian and would not change that, no matter what the choices are in any life this or the next. I’m a patriot. My heart swells up and I stand taller every time I see the tricolor. I have seen it fly high and wrapped around the patriots I am indebted to.

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To My Brother…With Love

Rakshabhandhan is just a few days away and it is really a wonderful feeling all around. The chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions. But suddenly I found whom I should tie my Rakhi though he is no more in this world. This gives me courage to share my feelings for him through this blog. It happened in Chandigarh on Diwali 2011.

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Few Interesting Facts about India

erythromycin azithromycin 500mg Though India was invaded many times but India never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of history. 5000 years ago, when most of the cultures were only nomadic and  forest dwellers, India established Indus Valley Civilization Chess was started by India. Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus were originated in India. The ‘Decimal System’ were developed in India. With more than a million employee Indian railways is the largest employer in the world. Nalanda is the world’s

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This Independence Day, do we all Indians feel “Cornered”?

The ex IPL chief keeps getting slapped with coloured corners; while Sushma Swaraj is cornered by the Gandhis while Gandhis are cornerned by Sushma and party; while the government is cornered by opposition and the opposition is cornered by the government..while consenting adults are cornered by the cops, while porn is no more “watch in the corner” thing and while terrorists from across borders sneek in from all corners..the question remains to be answered where

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क्या राष्ट्रभक्ति आप शिफ्ट वाइज निभा सकेंगे?

राष्ट्रीय शोक जब उत्सवधर्मिता की हद तक चला जाए तो ये बहुत संभव है कि थोड़े वक्त के लिए वो शख्स जो हमारे बीच से चला गया, लौट आए. तस्वीरें वैसे भी कभी मरती नहीं तो उन्हें जुटा-जुटाकर उनके होने का एहसास कराया जाए लेकिन ये सब करते हुए हम जिंदा लोगों के बीच भी तो काफी कुछ मर रहा होता है. ऐसे में ये भी संभव है कि हम-आप मीडिया और राज्य की मशीनरी

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Return of the enterprising: From Silicon Valley to the Sahyadris

There has never been a better time to be in India or so one would think looking at the number of entrepreneurs who have made India home after their stints in some of the top schools and corporation in the americas. This is in sharp contrast to just about a decade ago when everyone in India was losing sleep over the migration of finest Indian brains to the Silicon Valley, terming it the brain drain.

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मीडिया को तो इमरजेंसी बेहद पसंद है

ये दिलचस्प संयोग है कि आज से चालीस साल पहले मेरे जैसे देश के हजारों मीडिया-साहित्य के छात्रों ने जब आंखें खोली होगीं तो उन्हें सबसे पहले ये खबर सुनने को मिली होगी कि अब ऑल इंडिया रेडियो पूरी तरह ऑल इंदिरा रेडियो हो गया है और मैंने जब आंखें खोली तो सात दिन पहले ऑर्डर की गई किताब ठीक इसी दिन मिली जब हवा में इमरजेंसी का नया संस्करण घुला है..आखिर देर रात हम

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Global Wellness Day

Eat well, walk more, Stress less, love more. India is a young nation. 65% of us are below 40. Elders numbers are up too. The varishtha-kanistha combo has got to be the basis of our socio-economic policies in all spheres. Equip our youth with the best, shouldn’t mean, they burn out from the nursery schools itself and also force our Sarvashresthas to die in their prime. Think all of you on this planet. Wealth, power

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Indian “Dilwale” American “Dulhaniya” Le jayenge

Happiness, Tears, Excitement,  Love and its variants (Ishq, Mohabbat, pyaar etc; Ask SRK to differentiate). These are common emotions that fill the aura of an airport I went there to drop my father. As he went inside the airport, I had my own ride of emotions.  As always, I took a walk around the area to bask in the luxury of nostalgia. Different people! Different Emotions! Different Situations! I noticed a family of approximately 15

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Child Labour – Unlocking India’s Hidden Shame

The government might soon allow child labour, but only for ‘family enterprises’. This is the result of the latest amendment to the Child Labour Prohibition Act, which has fought to give millions of children a future that doesn’t exploit them. It is a matter of concern. Children are the gifts of God who fill the world with happiness, joy, and hope. They are the future citizens of a country, therefore, an individual’s childhood determines his

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