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Why Chetan Bhagat’s advice to AAP is completely misplaced

source The birthing and teething of AAP has been happening in the public domain unlike ever before in India! The GOP i.e. INC of course happened in a somewhat similar fashion during an authoritarian colonial regime but with a devoted and consensual nursery of stakeholder publics! But people connect of course is now gone for INC. Aam Aadmi Party is still bravely experimenting in crowd sourcing of governance strategies. The recent PAC turbidity is a vibrant

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Gandhi’s Assassination – The Untold Truth

Gandhi’s Death has been a case of speculation , as the killing of a “helpless” old man, who was a symbol, of peace and love and his benevolent nature earned him the title of the “Father of our Nation”. On the other hand his assassin, Nathuram Ram Godse, has been targeted by people from all walks of the world , for being a Treacherous, Heartless & a Ruthless murderer. He has even been proclaimed as

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7 Career Options for Sonia Gandhi

generic allegra best prices Without wasting any time lets see what are the best options for Mrs. Gandhi after the disastrous poll results recently. Chef: Sonia Gandhi is a passionate cook. She can start her own restaurant chain. From Pizza to Pasta, the former housewife can put most of her efforts with a royal touch! B-School Professor: Someone who has failed knows the way to reach success and can teach that better. This is even better when a successful person fails.

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Sheila Dikshit: Brilliant Administrator But Embroiled With The Corrupt

As many of you prepare to vote for the Delhi Assembly elections scheduled on Dec 4th, Mission Sharing Knowledge brings you a series that throws more light on the profile & achievements of the three Chief Ministerial candidates. We start this series with the current & longest-serving CM of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit. A teacher before she plunged into politics, Dikshit’s administrative skills was even admired by former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi & Mr.

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