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नशा ही नशा है

शीला चित्रवंशि कि कलम से कहीं यह शीर्षक “नशा ही नशा है “देख कर आप सब चौंक तो नहीं गए? क्योंकि मैं ये सब नशे में नहीं लिख रही हूँ। वरन सही मायने मैं आप सभी का ध्यान इस बदलते हुए समाज के अन्दर जो निरंतर नयी नयी कुरीतियाँ फैलती जा रही हैं, उनकी ओर आकर्षित करना चाह रही हूँ। आज समाज में दिन-ब-दिन जो बदलाव आते जा रहे हैं उससे आप सभी अनभिज्ञ नहीं। यानि की सामाजिक

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The ‘Fish’ Girl

No I am not talking about mermaids. Although that is a great topic of another blog, but maybe some other time. For now I am talking about a special breed of girls who have been given prior education, most probably in convents to use a special word ‘fish’. You see, they are kinda special. You can pretty much single out the ‘fish’ girls out of a group very easily. They usually have very pretty face,

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Chronicles Of A Mom – To – Be!! Woo Ho!! Part – 3

Being pregnant means one thing – you are barraged with a plethora of advice from the older generation and older to older generation (sigh)! Coming from a typical Tam-Brahm family who love their filter “kaapis”, cutting down on your caffeine intake is a Herculean task. From drowning 4 cups of coffee a day to a cup or two does lead to its own share of withdrawal symptoms. It’s advisable to add just about 10 ml

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How to Make Your Boss Love You? – Part 2

So, how did you fare with the Bully, the Manipulator and the Liar? Did you try some of the tips suggested in the first part of the series? This part contains a few more types of bosses and tips on how to handle them with care. The Goody-goody Supportive, encouraging, competent, soft-spoken – did you have the good luck to come across a boss like this? Such miraculous personalities are rare and when you chance

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A Longing Bait

How lonely, left was I to grave substituting cigarette buds for illusory nipples of my mother screaming and scathing, modest approvals of despair those never ending love, lost like words; teenagers write at shores in beaches I wake up, hollow, a perfectly day-night balanced between nostalgia and emotion where rhythm masquerades as poignant guilt I walk, thread-bare, worn-out, outworn, trite and stale where shadows neither follow nor silhouette appear rare A close veil of miasma

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Chronicles Of A Mom – To – Be!! Woo Ho!! Part – 2

OF SICKNESS AND FIRST LOVE April 2nd 2013 will be the day my husband and I will never forget, the day the big P-moment was announced to us! First a sense of incredulity followed by a wave of joy and now an imminent feeling of fright and anxiety. First thought after all the celebrations – to add this moment as a life event on Facebook (We love updating our timelines!). But we chose to keep

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Doctors Are Not Licensed Killers.

  The doctor was sitting in his chamber heckled by the turn of events. He sat with his trusted friends and well wishers as the cops went about discharging their duties. About an hour back I had received a call from him informing me in a terrified voice that his life is in danger and the hospital is being vandalized. I rushed from my office to his place, in the mean time the entire police

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Practicing Gratitude

  Practicing Gratitude can make us all Happier. Research finds that people’s happiness levels can increase by 25% by practicing gratitude. Such an increase in the set point for happiness can be sustained over a period of time, contrary to the held notion that our ‘set point’ is frozen at birth. In his book,  Thanks!: How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Nov 2008), Robert A. Emmons of the University of California,

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Reiki: Modern Astrology

  Astrology holds a strong position in the Hindu mythology irrespective of the occasion. Be it a marriage or puja etc, the one thing we always care about is what the stars have to say.  But astrology is not only about the twelve sun signs and there are also other forms which not only cure difficulties but also provide the solutions of the minute problems. Astrology branches include Tarot cards , Reiki etc . Now

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Life Poem

Thank You God!

Thank you God for my life and all the love, For making me happy when I see a rose or a dove. For letting me enjoy everything I have when I live, Grateful for my wants which are lesser than what you give. For eyes to see my loved ones and for hands to do my own work, To read, to cook, to paint to laugh…to do all the things I care about. To enjoy

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