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Guy Outside a Girl Trial Room: Experiences

  Light pink, dark pink, lavender pink, rose pink, salmon pink….blah pink. Never had an idea what the actual difference between them really is, till you actually ended up befriending a girl and started going out with her. Yeah right, once you started dating her and took her shopping, you realised the pinks are a lot of trouble. Here Anshuman Sharvesh talks about what that generally means and how even though you have no idea

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Marriages Are Made In Heaven – 2

This follows from Part 1 which is here I was a nervous wreck during my campus placements, I had toiled hard, but had always been a little under confident in expressing myself. It had always taken me huge efforts to open up to people. This was one of the reasons why I never had a relationship going in my life. I did have my share of crushes though. I found my chemistry teacher cute, I

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Strangers – 1

Indraneil looked out of the window. He could see the sun on the horizon. Yes, this is a new start for him. A new beginning, a new life for him. All those years in between of darkness was behind him. He will now just focus on his career, career and career. Thank god he had got a second chance in life. “Hi, could you please put the shutter down? The sun is hurting my eyes“

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I’m a Girl, I’m Poor, I Live in India!

I am sixteen. I work to feed my family as my father is often without work. He worked as a daily-wage labourer in one of the construction projects in Noida –a town flanking New Delhi, India’s capital city—and played his part in abetting the mushrooming of the wilderness of concrete that is now ubiquitous in the region, until one day he fell from some height, broke his spine and was delivered home by the contractors

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The Fight…

Hey eyes welled up.I did not know what to do. There was a side to her that I could not understand however hard he tried. She looked at me and turned away crying. I wished that she would stop and my heart cringed at every sob of hers. There was this side of her that baffled me every time it surfaced. It had been almost six months now that we were together and everything was

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