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Beginning of the Grind and the Festive Season Combined

where to buy Lyrica 150mg Brainstorming while experimenting different cocktails and dreams (yes, I still love Tom Cruise) at various venues was what our new family did for the next 3 months. We had a new excuse to go OUWT even more now – it was all to figure out exactly what kind of product we wanted to create. With a fair share of procrastination and some pretty fun ideas, we saw ourselves getting serious about new work quite naturally.

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My Job Work Experience!

A mere Job or Corporate Job {pun intended – usual Lingo} will have some of below experiences dotted along their journey…kudos to the best times of my Life !!! A very large part of your life is spent in cabin spaces designed to make you believe “Your World” I mean offices or at work….And nobody has missed his/hers  irritable and ever demanding Boss!! Imagine those early morning meetings /con calls/ huddles {can’t comprehend why huddles

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