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Rehan Poncha’s Open Letter To Narendra Modi A letter to the most powerful man in the country! I would appreciate it if you could share this post so it reaches many! Thank you! Dear Mr. Narendra Modi, I write to you as an athlete of the country you lead and have been elected to better. Amidst the hysteria around the football World Cup, a news channel broke the story of a few MLA’s who were going to Brazil to watch the World

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Match of the Season: The UEFA Champions League Final Preview

Just a few days left for the biggest football game of the year when Barcelona and Juventus take the center stage at the biggest stage of them all, the UEFA Champions League final to be played in Berlin this month. Champions league, which begins in August each year with the qualifiers concludes in Berlin this time with two most worthy teams squaring off against each other. The magnitude of the game can be determined by

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English Premier League: Season 2014-15 So Far

side effects of clomid 100mg The season is almost over with just 2 games left and the champions are already decided. All 4 UEFA Champions League places are also confirmed barring some miracle by Liverpool which looks highly unlikely at this moment. So lets rewind the major talking points of season 2014-15 in the English Premier League. THE TRANSFER WINDOW Transfer window in a world cup year is always interesting with new superstars emerging and a few more millions get

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Why Will The ISL Dent Indian Football Further

We all know what Indian football is about. A ranking beyond 100 globally, some players who struggle playing in the second grade global leagues and occasional wins in the Nehru cup against teams like Bangladesh and Nepal. No, am not deriding anything and do not mean to demean players who put in number of hours grinding to beat others, am just stating the facts. Now, there is another new kid on the block called Indian

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Learnings from Cristiano Ronaldo

This is a story when the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was little and he was unknown. He and his friend were vying for a spot in an academy of Andorinha in Funchal, Madeira. “I have to thank my old friend Albert Fantrau for my succes. We played together for the same team in the ‘Under 18’ championship. When a scout came to see us he said, “The player who scores more goals in today’s match

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Lessons For Life From Football

They call it a ‘high’ you cannot buy. It’s an adrenaline rush that stays on for ninety minutes and more. Fighting. Tripping. Scraping. Pushing. Shoving. More pushing. Tumbling. Torn Muscles. Stretched Ligaments. Broken Vertebra. Football may be just a game, but it really is so much more.  Watching the Rio fever pervade my life, there are some important lessons that I learnt from it for work and for life. 1. Community & Teamwork Football requires an unique brand of teamwork that understands one’s role in relationship with

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