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Hariali Matar

buy accutane india I got to know about this recipe from my mom and I absolutely loved the taste. So, I decided to share this simple and yet tasty recipe with all. Takes only 5 to 7 minutes to cook!!! Ingredients (to serve 5):- Green peas (the pods): 450 gram (cleaned and washed) Garlic: 1 and ½ (full) Green chilis: 5 (finely chopped) Oil: 1 teaspoon (mustard) Salt: As per taste Turmeric: Quarter of a pinch Coriander leaves:

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Soft Chocolate Muffins for the Chocoholics!

Gear up to treat yourselves to some home made fresh chocolate muffins on that day when you need that chocolate to kick up your spirits! Makes around 3-4 muffins depending on the size of the moulds. You can also use a microwavable coffee mug to make the muffins.   Self-rising flour – 1 cup Castor sugar – 1 cup Baking powder – 1/2 teaspoon Egg – 2, at room temperature Butter regular or even unsalted

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The Egg Theory

Compared to the bachelor days, my experimentation in the kitchen has gone down significantly. After a long time I cooked a breakfast for myself today. Being lazy I decided to make some ready to mix Upma (for those who don’t know what Upma is just Google it). But when I put the pan on the stove, I felt like adding a dash of my creativity to the 3 simple step process (boil water, add the upma mix and simmer on

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Culinary Histories – The Seafood

The culinary enthusiast that I am, my life almost revolves around food. Even if I am not concocting up yet another delicacy in the kitchen, I either end up reading recipes or books on the history of food. Since I am a hard-core non-vegetarian, nothing really misses out from my platter. So this time, I thought of indulging in some research work about Seafood (I love crabs by the way). The resultant effect is this ‘juicy’

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What Do I Need to Be Happy?

  What do we really need right now, to be happy? A new car, a new house, a new friend… What do we lack right now? Does anything need to change in order for us to be happy? What do we really need? Do we really need anything in order to be happy? Powerful Questions. Food for thought. Sharon Salzberg, the author of the book “The Kindness Handbook” ( shares her experience while staying at a monastery in South East Asia.

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Health Benefits of Broccoli

A member of the cabbage family, broccoli derives its name from the Italian plural broccolo meaning ‘flowering top of a cabbage’. Broccoli has been considered a valuable food among the Italians since the days of Roman Empire. There are mainly three types of broccoli – Calabrese Broccoli, Sprouting Broccoli and Purple Cauliflower. With a plethora of health benefits, the broccoli is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Some of the health benefits of

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Short Story

My First Beer

Q – What happens when a girl breaks a guy’s heart?  Ans. – Two guys become the best of friends. Pic – Firangi and I flagging out our favourite T-shirts. Below you’ll notice a black thing. It’s CMKT’s trunk.  It was a winter evening of 2003. Firangi and I were sitting in our balcony, speaking about topics which didn’t make sense (about love).  Amidst that mist we chanced upon a guy carrying a crate full

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Sharing = Caring = Making a Difference

  The Mumbai Dabbawala’s deliver 120 tons of food each day, out of which 16 tons is uneaten. At the same time, on Mumbai’s streets, there are two hundred thousand children who go hungry every day. The ‘Share My Dabba’ initiative, a joint effort between the Happy Life Welfare Society and The Dabbawala Foundation, gets the leftover food in dabbas to the hungry street children using a tiny sticker and the extensive and efficient dabbawala

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Tragedy of Being the Bridge Between Two Worlds

I’ve realized lately that I have officially crossed in to the land of No Man’s Land.. Well, is it a bird? is it a plane? hehe no its MsBA in Technology Management. And this is the tale of two lands.. Technology and Management and the narrow No Man’s Land in between them I have never been a purist. In fact ever since I learnt that Nature loves entropy, I never got around liking the idea

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The ‘Fish’ Girl

No I am not talking about mermaids. Although that is a great topic of another blog, but maybe some other time. For now I am talking about a special breed of girls who have been given prior education, most probably in convents to use a special word ‘fish’. You see, they are kinda special. You can pretty much single out the ‘fish’ girls out of a group very easily. They usually have very pretty face,

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