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Reporter’s Diary: A Food Tour In The Walled City

follow site “I have the food map of Delhi in my head,” shares Anubhav Sapra, who calls himself the “foodie in chief” of Delhi food walks. The group frequently organises Food walks for the gastronomic. The latest food walk was organised in the walled city area where I was part of the group. Informing us about the Walled City, Anubhav says, “One of the special experiences of eating out in the walled city is that each of

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Singapore – A Gastronomic Adventure

I had always heard about Singapore being spoken of as a “shoppers’ paradise”, and as I visited the city to attend the World Gourmet Summit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a much bigger “foodie paradise”. Yes, meeting chefs from around the world, attending workshops and learning about the latest global food trends was exciting enough, but what was much more gratifying was the immense love for food Singaporeans nurse. My first

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The Bake-a-thon begins: Perfect Olive Oil Focaccia

Monsoons have finally hit our country… Though I hate the infrastructural damage this season gets with it to the city, I enjoy the beautiful view from my window which shows greenery all around!! I love the fact that it is time for me to put on my hostess shoes and have friends over for cocktails & barbeque parties along the hills. (So yeah, lots of grilled and BBQ recipes to follow!! yay!!) But I just

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Teppan: Land of the Rising Sun in Bengaluru – Teppanyaki Gastronomical Experience!!!!

Lately I have been visiting quite a few Japanese restaurants in town and have kind of developed a liking for sushi and other Japanese delicacies. Amongst all my visits, Teppan stands out for its memorable experience. “Teppan” is a brainchild of Oriental Cuisines Private Limited (OCPL) and is one of the finest Japanese Restaurants I have ever visited. The highlight of the place is for being the first Japanese Restaurant in India to have 4

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Mr. Hong – A Chinese Culinary Paradise

Mr. Hong, an Oriental all-day dining restaurant and bar has opened its doors in Orion Mall, Bangalore serving up a great selection of inspiring dishes. Mr. Hong strives to offer the most authentic Asian fare in town together with comprehensive collection of teas from the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Hong revolves around tea as the underlying theme infused in every aspect of the brand, from food and beverage recipes to interior design. Serving an eclectic

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Indiranagar’s Foodie Destination – Monkey Bar!

Monkey Bar has always been one of my most favorite pubs in Bangalore since it opened couple of years back in the Central Business District of Ashok Nagar near MG road. I loved the ambiance, the underground feel and rocking food. The music and the crowd along with a pool table and Foosball table always created an amazing vibe that makes you want to chill out there after work. Only issue used to be that it

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Khane Ka Swarg !!! Atithi Devo Bhava

The mughal of offering khandani parampara ki khana.”Rajdhani Restaurant” which is one of the leading chains in India which has spellbound millions with its impeccable taste and flavor and keeping us tied down to our traditional roots. Rajdhani is known Known as a “thali place” with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The simplicity and authenticity of the food has gathered more than 9 millions loyal customers. As a blogger

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The Punjabi Kitchen: Where Ghee Flows Freely

Boy, am I lucky to have such a lot of Punjabi friends! At college, one of them would invite me regularly to her home, to gorge on her mother’s most delicious stuffed parathas. An offer for seconds was never refused. The Punjabis are a vigorous and strong community whose entrepreneurship and reach is wide and high, as is their cuisine. It is richly rural and has also imbibed much from external historical influences. Some Punjabi

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5 Amazing Food Destinations In Malaysia

I have traveled to many countries in the world like United States for official conferences, Hong Kong for video blogging, South Africa for Travel blogging/Cricket blogging and Sri Lanka for photo blogging. Each of them has been interesting in their own ways and one of the main differentiating factors have been the food destinations in each of these countries. Being a foodie, I love to explore amazing food that each destination has to offer and

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