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Singapore – Vegetarian Paradise of South East Asia!

As a traveler, I explored quite a lot of Asia including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Colombo and Macau and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the local culture there. But I have predominantly seen that Non-vegetarian cuisine is the norm here and vegetarians face a lot of trouble in getting decent food apart from maybe few salads. Of course there are few Indian restaurants but they are few and far in between and quite expensive too. In my recent trip to Singapore on formal invitation from Singapore Tourism Board & Tigerair, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Singapore has a vast variety of

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Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Singapore

Having traveled to many countries like USA, England, Scotland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Thailand for travel and food blogging; I was looking forward to visiting the city-country Singapore. What better time to do it than during the 50th anniversary celebrations of “The Red Dot”! Thanks to Singapore Tourism Board & Tigerair, my dream of experiencing Singapore like a tourist and a local, is going to be true from 17th June to 21st June 2015! The entire city-country is celebrating the Golden Jubilee this year, specifically this June. There are some very exciting deals on flights, hotels, restaurants

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Exquisite lunch experience at HoJo Bangalore

Bangalore is slowly becoming the top hospitality hub of India if not Asia. Some of the top international hotel chains are opening their branches out here to cater to Indians who have traveled abroad and of course expats and foreigners who come here for long stretches of stay. One such hotel chain which has recently opened in Bangalore is the Howard Johnson hotel which has opened near Hebbal very close to the popular Manyata Tech Park.   On one lazy Sunday afternoon, we were invited to the carefuly curated set Lunch prepared by Chef Dev Bose and hosted by Food

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Kanchkolar Kofta: Bengali Style Raw Banana Curry

With summers round the corner, this time I chose to make something different – offbeat from my regular stuff of fish and other non-vegetarian delicacies; so I opted for the other one – vegetarian delicacies. The dish that I will churn out today is often termed as one of the most well-known Bengali vegetarian delicacies. Raw banana is the main ingredient for this dish and is fondly known as Kaanchkolar Kofta. A very popular dish in Bengal, Kaanchkolar Kofta is made in almost all Bengali household. A delicious recipe, this dish goes very well with hot chapatis or boiled rice.

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Bihari Style Chicken Curry

Gastronomic delicacies popular in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand is termed as Bihari cuisine. Bihari cuisine is consumed not only in Bihar and Jharkhand but also in parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, parts of Bangladesh and even Bengal. While traditionally Bihari cuisine is vegetarian, a large chunk of the populace consumes non-vegetarian dishes as well. Fish, chicken and mutton is widely consumed by many Biharis. Usually cooked with Indian spices, Chicken Curry is one of the most popular dishes of Bihar. A simple yet tasty dish, the Bihari style chicken is definitely worth dunking in. Here’s a look at

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Indian Cuisine – A Quick Look

A land steeped in history and culture, the cuisine of India reflects a 5000 year old history. An amalgamation of various traditions and cultures residing in the subcontinent, gives its cuisine a distinct flavour. Needless to say that religion history and culture has a strong influence on the culinary make-up of the country. Throughout India’s history, there has been a series of invasion by Mughals, Portuguese, French, Dutch and the British. These invasions left behind their own impressions on the present day Indian cuisine. The Mughal came to India from Persia (present-day Iran) and parts of Afghanistan. They left behind

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Cafe Infinito – For The Love Of Italy!!!

Café Infinito is primarily a café-ish with an influence from Italy and beyond. It offers you the best of quick bite snacks like crostini, salads, burgers, wraps, sandwiches and my favorite wood fire pizza and pastas. They are truly Italian and I just loved the authentic thin crust pizza that blew me to bits. It was made up of Seasoned potatoes, sour cream, fried beans, jalapeño, and with a signature smoked cherry sauce & household salad. The presentation of the Julienne chicken with cilantro & spicy peanut sauce, roasted garlic, red onions, Peri Peri chicken was just mind blowing. They

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Best fruits for the Winters

So the winters are here; what does it remind you of? Sparkly snowflakes, cozy blankets, rich hot chocolate… Winter has a lot going for it, but fresh produce is usually not on that list; however it’s very important that you take in fresh fruits during the winter season. So what are the most easily available fruits that you can eat during this season? Here’s a look: Guava Guava – a very common fruit in the Asian countries is also becoming popular among the western countries. Guava is a powerhouse of nutrients. A good source of copper, guava fights against thyroid

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A taste of Rezala – Sabir’s

For those truly adventurous foodies who don’t mind going that extra mile for the sake of authenticity and taste, Sabir’s Mutton Rezala is not far away. An institution for decades, Sabir’s attracts hungry customers in spite of its location. Other delights are Mutton Chap and Mutton Biryani. The corner shop on this narrow and dingy lane, Sabir’s has a secret recipe that keeps the Mutton Rezala and laccha paratha still the best meal any time of the day. I was not so sure of hat to expect taking into account the dingy location but when I stepped into the A/C

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Reporter’s Diary: A Food Tour In The Walled City

“I have the food map of Delhi in my head,” shares Anubhav Sapra, who calls himself the “foodie in chief” of Delhi food walks. The group frequently organises Food walks for the gastronomic. The latest food walk was organised in the walled city area where I was part of the group. Informing us about the Walled City, Anubhav says, “One of the special experiences of eating out in the walled city is that each of the food outlets is specialised in different type of dishes. For instance, Bade Miyan is known for kheer, while the Qureshi for kebabs and tikkas”.

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