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‘लव-जिहाद’ पर एक सोच

आये दिन ‘लव जिहाद’ के ऊपर काफी चर्चा हो रही है। आखिरकार यह ‘लव जिहाद’ है क्या? हाल ही देश के उच्चतम न्यालय ने ‘लव जिहाद’ के एक केस की तहकीकात करने के लिए ‘राष्ट्रीय जांच एजेंसी’ (NIA) को नियुक्त किया है। क्या यह समस्या इतनी संगीन है की इसके पीछे NIA को नियुक्त किया जाना चाहिए? जहां कुरान मे जिहाद का मतलब ‘धरम युद्ध’ है, वहीँ कुछ सूफी सिलसिले के गुरु मानते हैं की

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Because I am a Girl

I’m writing this under the cloak of anonymity to protect my daughter’s identity. As much as I’m seeking the intervention of law to seek justice for my daughter, it pains me to see my daughter abandoned by her father, only because she’s a girl. My daughter is too small to understand what is happening around her. But I’m sure the contents of this open letter to her father will echo her sentiments when she grows

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Silent Support – My Father!!

  Happy Father’s Day. Never wondered about going up to my father to wish him a “Father’s Day” as it would seem a very formal gesture. But this is also true I never told him how big a support he has been throughout. Through this piece I would like to take the opportunity to tell him and everyone how significant he is in my life. As like most families, my father was the sole breadwinner,

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Father…Thy Name is Pillar

  A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, Nor a sail to take us there, But a guiding light whose love shows us the way. –       Anonymous I see my husband excited when I teach my son to wish him on the Father’s Day. An excitement and shine in his eyes that has been elusive before. I can see his feelings of pride of being a DAD!! An evolutionary offshoot and the

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Thank You Dad! For Everything

  Person: Beta, whom do you love the most, mom or dad? Child: Mom (without any hesitation) Person: and why? Child: Bcoz she love me the most, dad is strict. It reminded me of myself and my childhood days as all the answers he gave were just replica of mine or can say of every guy his age. But if someone fires this question in a slightly different manner, like who has sacrificed the most

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तेरा रिश्ता बड़ा कमाल पिता

  ऊँगली पकड़ कर तू ही संभाले, सिखाता पहली चाल पिता। कभी घोड़ा बन-कभी कंधे ले, तूने सहलाए मेरे बाल पिता। तेरी प्यार भरी इक चुम्बन से, है खिल जाते मेरे गाल पिता। मुझे मम्मी अच्छी लगती, पर देता है सब माल पिता। तेरी मेहनत, तेरे पसीने से, मेरे घर की ईंटे लाल पिता। हर संकट स्वयं झेलता, है गोवेर्धन सी ढाल पिता। केवल तेरे ही दम से है, मेरा घर रहता खुशहाल पिता। मेरे घर आँगन की बगिया

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FATHER – Every Child’s First Superhero

  For every child, his or her dad Is a unique miracle which no one else have had Seeing the child happy made him smile He loved the baby face devoid of any guile He always hid his sorrow But never lost sight of his child’s tomorrow He played elephant to his naughty kid Even though his back ached which he deliberately hid He never let his child feel deprived And made sure that the

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Why Misogamists are Wrong: A Rebut to “A Misogamist’s Conundrum”

Our anonymous author tell us why Misogamists are wrong when they blame the institution of marriage without event looking into the reasons of why is it failing. A must read. This post put me in an inebriated frame of morbidity; first because, I am currently reading the suitable boy, and second, partly due to the whole concept of marriage as an institution that we have built. For me the reason, why marriage is an institution

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