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Birthday musings of a mid-thirties guy

It’s been two days since my birthday and I am still smiling from ear to ear. Being tantalisingly close to mid thirties might not warrant that kind of excitement but when people come together to make you feel special in every little way they could, age becomes irrelevant and what counts for far more is the love and goodwill of people surrounding you. I am approaching that awkward age when the likes, comments, and connection

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This country is run by women

For quite some time, I have been observing around and I come to the conclusion that this country is run by women (this is a generalization, outliers remain though)! If you actually see and analyze, the amount of work that a woman does is much more than the amount of work a man does. There are set duties for a woman, almost all the duties are pertaining to others in her life; anything that she

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The coracle and the anchor

cialis buying online To my husband, because I love you. I often wonder where life would take me if I had not found my anchor. Where would I be? No doubt, I would land amongst rocky shores, beaten and worn from the tossing waves. I would be seasick, sick of sea and weary of water. No doubt my skin would be caked in salt, my lips bleeding and dry, hair matted and coarse and bones, tired and limp.

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Going That Extra Mile Is A Happy Mile

For the last few days, I have been virtually on cycle (motor) and breaking at various places with in the city and at times out of the city. The purposes are many, some for good and some for bad. These purposes are predominately on personal end here you go and ask my self “why this “Kolaveri di?” The answer for above question was echoing me on ‘cycle’; again I asked for myself, its again echoing

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Formula For Success: Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar Speech

I make a point to hear to Oscar winning speeches every year. Almost every year there is something so good that these actors say that I find reasons enough to blame Indian actors and their unnecessarily cheesy and thank you speeches. We as a nation are not used to gratitude and so when we do give a thank you speech, our hollowness shines through. Anyways, not digressing from the main point, I would mince no

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Conflicts for a New Mommy

So finally, he arrived!! After the 9 months long drill, I couldn’t wait to take him in my arms… It was different, he was red like a tomato, eyes tightly shut by the heavy eyelids; felt like a little mountain baby in my very eastern bong hands. I was a first-time mom, and it was the first time I held such a tiny creature. I was beyond elated and blissfully unaware of the days and

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Before Marriage Till Marriage!

Man is a social being. This is something, which we have all studied at some point of time. Thus one of the most cruel and effective forms of punishment/ torture meted out to criminals, terrorists, etc. is solitary confinement. The need to communicate and interact is something of the utmost importance to human beings in order to retain their human nature. Self-expression, exchange of ideas and organization are something’s, which we are experts at utilizing

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The Great Indian (Before) Marriage Tamasha – Part 3

Not to forget that this blog is attributed to the tamashaa that ensues in every house (almost every house), there are quite a few funny snippets that must be highlighted in the process. In a lot of profiles that I have scanned, in the “about me” section, there would be details of the parents, brothers, sisters and the whole gamut of people in the family; but no information about the guy whatsoever. Poor guys! In

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Chronicles Of A Mom – To – Be!! Woo Ho!! Part 6

Phew! I’ve finally touched the halfway mark. And another 20 weeks to go. Time does fly!! The serious rounding of my tummy finally makes the pregnancy feel more like a reality. Week 16 to week 20 has been interesting, yet again. The little orange (no more a peanut folks!) is growing nicely (touchwood) and is busy practicing its twists, rolls, kicks and punches. Definitely no WWE Dear Husband, if it’s a boy! I’ve had and

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As kids we always faced that one question which was asked by relatives, neighbours, dad’s friends, mom’s friends, teachers, even fellow kids. “What do you want to become when you grow up”. None of my classmates said they wanted to become an engineer. Today 80% of my classmates are engineers. So what went wrong? What changed? Why did people stop believing in their dreams? As we grew up, why did we start compromising on everything

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