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3 essentials of Digital Video. Or the long, short (and silent) off it! Tides always creep up unknowingly. And over the last decade whenever I have had a chance to talk about digital trends – I have realised that they are very much like tidal waves that take marketers by surprise. So I thought it’s best to start with sharing some context on digital video and let you decide if you want to spend the next five minutes to immerse yourself in this new world. * 80% of

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Delhi/NCR Entertainment Feminism

Types Of Young Women In Delhi

The Behenji: The behenji is the stalwart of the Indian middle class. Normally travels by bus or can be seen haggling in the street corner to take an auto. Wears a suit to please the parents but wears jeans while going out with friends. Jeans are normally boot cuts with large embellishments and embroidery on the back that makes it easy to distinguish from normal women. Thinks she knows English but drops grammatical gems like “I

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Why the biggest asset your brand needs is a community manager

rocaltrol prospecto 100mg “So basically you manage social posts for your brand, right?” If you like me work as a community manager in your company, I am sure you must have heard this a million times from people who are smart enough to guess the meaning of your work profile. I now feel disgusted everytime I hear this. Hence I decided to write this post for two reasons. One to make people understand the difference between Social Media

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Mark, you’re wrong, it’s about time you accept it

I was going through my Facebook feed (the free and non-exclusive one as yet) and suddenly came across this brilliant quote by Taher Khorakiwala which read “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. – Desmond Tutu. When Facebook and Airtel missionaries came to rescue the

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The battle is won, the war far from over: #NetNeutrality

So the first battle for Net neutrality in India has been won due to netizens’ strong pressure aided by media. People in large numbers had started deleting the Flipkart App from smartphones. That made the e-commerce giant panicky! In fact Airtel and Fllipkart were ill advised to go for the zero rating game, on our face, with a such arrogance! And they were humbled very rightfully. But MNC giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

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According to this Interview Every Social Media person should have their own blog

The Question was : “Should every social media user/worker/influencer have their own blog?” I got 9 answers I am really excited to write my first Interview with some of myFacebook friends who rock in blogging. I had initially written about the 15 Indian Bloggers from My Facebook Network that will shine in 2015 I will go with one by one: ========================= 1.Harleena Singh : She writes on Aha-Now “Blogging is a social activity. It not only helps

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Why I fell in love with Facebook’s #YearInReview

I used the #YearInReview tool yesterday and instantly loved it. Then I saw a few criticizing the same. I guess that comes easy to humans because it is easy to criticize and very tough (considering its human nature) to appreciate. This time though I feel even the worst critics had no reasons to boomerang. Here is why. 1. #YearinReview made us relive our last year in 4-5 scrolls. This consisted of our most liked photos,

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How Internet Disrupted Relations Inversely

When did it all begin? In 1989 Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web. The world went crazy. While some rejected it many embraced it. It is 2014 now and the Internet has gained momentum faster than anything else on the planet. The web is also being credited of influencing elections these days in India; imagine the growth from the days of 1989. My perspective of the co-relation of Internet and relationships is based

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#flopkart : Bansals take a bow

Did you gamble on 6th? I did at the Flipkart table. The Bansals sparked off the Diwali season of ‘good luck’ by giving millions of Indians the experience of gambling on Flipkart. Now if you’ve ever gambled, you know there are always more losers than winners, and losers whine a lot. So newsfeeds, tweets and streams screamed #flopkart #bigbillionscam. While, raging social storms are fairly common in India’s new found arm-chair social media activism, the

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