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Turn Around Stress When we are stressed, it is normal to worry that our ability to handle the situation falls short of our resources. Being anxious does not, however, help us in any way. Spinning the situation – turning challenges around by viewing them as opportunities – helps. After all S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D spelt backwards is D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S 🙂  

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Whole-wheat and Honey muffins with Banana and Walnut Twist!!

There are very few things I am quite proud of, in life. Obviously the first has to be my Web, where I slogged day and night to design the complete web site and click appropriate pictures for the same! Second has to be my love of life, a foodie’s dream husband dear! And third, is most probably this recipe of mine; Whole-wheat and Honey muffins. I make tons of variation to this recipe. This

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Ooey-Gooey Chocolate Brownies, the Express Way…

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love a perfect piece of walnut brownie. I think I became a chocolatier just because I cannot resist the combination of chocolate, walnuts and flour together. And so, this happens to be the most addictive fast recipe that I can ever share with you. To continue with my microwaving ventures, this recipe is the pride of my eye. As brownies are great even cold or

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Sitaphal Fruit Cream: You Would Just Love It

Section: Desserts. Origin: Haji Ali Juice Center Mumbai Summary: If you are a Mumbai regular, and you haven’t yet had the famous Sitaphal cream then for long you have been committing a cardinal sin. Located right in-front of the famous dargah, this dessert makes the Mumbai traffic stop in the evenings. Price: Rs 180 per plate. IFK connection: Since I am from Mumbai, but now run a restaurant in Patna, we have tried to incorporate

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