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Deadly Roads of Delhi

Honey Singh is safe with the blessings of his fans. A post on a micro-blogging site controlled the rumour. ”News of YoYo’s accident is fake and must be spread by some haters. Please don’t bother and keep blessing YoYo” The rumour of projected misfortune turned into a reality on a sad note. India lost one of his hopes in Parliament. Modi government lost one contributor of their historical victory. For Gopinath Munde, everything is more

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What Devotion! Shopkeeper Runs School Under Yamuna Bank Metro Station’s Bridge

Morning commuters at the Yamuna Bank Metro Station would often see small kids rushing under the bridge with bags and books. Like other kids of their age, they are also going to school; however, their school doesn’t have walls, windows or even a name. Surprised, don’t be as the importance of this school is the fact that it is run by a shopkeeper, Rajesh Kumar (43), who does not get undermined by these trivial factors.

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Will Migratory Birds Come To Sanjay Lake Next Year?

The sprawling greenery of the Sanjay Jheel is not only the lung of East Delhi, but it is the haven for many migratory birds that fly here every winter. Different types of birds can be seen here till February end every year. Shovellers, pintail, common pochard, tufted pochard, common teal, spot-bill, yellow-headed wagtail and pied wagtail are some of the birds that commonly visit the lake. But environmentalists have warned that the migratory birds may

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Kejriwal: A Party Is Not A Nation

This is not a rebuttal to I just wanted to make my views on the below mentioned article a bit stronger. The big question is, how important is Arvind Kejriwal is in the context of ‘India Now’ and how much time we will spend talking about Aam Aadmi Party and clicking and sharing on Social Media Pages! Should we create the buzz again or should we consider “Let it be, I am not interested

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Hope And Pray Modi Is The Messiah We Sought

Narendra Modi has been elected as the PM of the country. The party he happens to be in, the BJP, has gotten itself into the governing seat of the country on the back of the huge support across the country that Modi had for the post of Prime Minister. The wave of support for Modi led to a rout for most other political parties in the fray, and this is analysis and brooding time for

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General Elections 2014 – AAP’s Performance Report

The most important task for us was to screen the best possible candidate among the common people who applied for candidature under the banner of AAP. Additionally we had to search for the deserving people who may not have applied but would be better if they join the political process. Mood of the nation was for change and it appeared right time to send good people to parliament. With our search committee we got really

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The Future Will Thank You Arvind, Your Time Will Come

I’ve long been an apolitical person. Mentally, I’d distanced myself from politics enough for it to be only  as important as the weather. What’s happening made a difference, but the effect was a blip on the consciousness before I’d move on to thinking about other things. Not this time. It was partly because of the high-decibel campaigning that had swamped all forms of media through which I consume information about the world around me. I’d

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कही हमारी सोच मीडिया तो संचालित नहीं कर रहा

“पल्टू”, “भगोड़ा” – समझ गए होंगे किसकी बात कर रहा हु. लग रहा ये इस देश की सबसे बड़ी समस्या बन बैठा है. कोई इसे गन्दी नाली का कीड़ा कहता है, कोई मछर, कोई नक्सली कहता है तो पाकिस्तानी एजेंट. कुछ तो कारण होगा – लोग इससे इतनी नफरत करते है. भ्रस्टाचार इसने किया नहीं, रिश्वत इसने कभी ली नहीं, कोई अपराध भी नहीं किया, न कोई ऐसा काम किया जिससे किसी आम आदमी को

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Paharganj Retro Mania Continues

As  I continue with my sojourn at Paharganj, I am mesmerized by the surroundings; so the photowalk continues …A bird in view… Structures that reminded me of the Mughal Era Music makes the people come together….Madonna reminded at one go 😉 Structures that exhibit an interesting blend of architectural ruins and good subject for photography

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Paharganj in Black-n-White

I have always been fascinated about photography. Though I have never tried pursuing it as a full-time hobby, but at times bitten by the photography bug, I have ventured around Delhi on my own. Here’s a snapshot of Paharganj. Paharganj is a neighbourhood of Central Delhi, located just west of the New Delhi Railway Station. Known as Shahganj or King’s ganj or market place during Mughal era, it is one of the three administrative subdivisions,

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