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The Lajwanti Garden Reliance-Airtel Nexus of Internet Though monopoly is a bad thing but do you think in this era of competition we consumer do not face it? You are wrong. Monopoly of a different kind plagues us in every space you enter. This monopoly is brands dividing space amongst themselves so that they don’t have to compete against each other and enjoy complete unanimous customer access in areas that they play in. Remember the film “Once upon a time in Mumbai”

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Our Polluted Motherland! Government ko sanmati de Bhagwan!

Now the official National Air Quality Index has been launched for 10 cities of India. It’s really scary! Earlier we merrily presumed the US Embassy Data on air pollution to be a neo-colonial satire! We in Dwarka sub-city of Delhi top the AQI in the Capital city! We inhale 5 times worse the normal air! Our Right to life has been very seriously compromised! We don’t see any active steps from the Delhi Government or

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5 AAP Initiatives that are more impactful than its controversies

Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party very clearly understood that the electorate of this country, especially that of cities like Delhi and other urban areas care a hoot about anything else except development and governance. The party learnt that the citizens don’t care who runs the government till corruption doesn’t become a bottleneck in their work and development happens all around. Possibly that is why Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, both of whom are the

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Reasons I will ask people to vote for Kejriwal for a better Delhi

I waited till today to write this because I wanted to give the BJP, who run the central government, the last day till the code of conduct applies in Delhi to deliver on their promises before the Lok Sabha polls. I am writing this today because I now want the AAP to come with a full majority government in Delhi and remind BJP of not turning complacent at the center. Here are the reasons why

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4 things BJP needs to do in next Delhi Assembly Polls

So once again Aam Aadmi Party in their usual antics has challenged BJP, a day after latter party’s election victories in Haryana and Maharashtra. However, the BJP has clarified that while it won’t shy away from an electoral battle, it can’t take Kejriwal seriously. Of course! Though right now if elections are held in Delhi there are no two thoughts that AAP will not be able to repeat its 28 seat win like last assembly elections of 2013.

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Waste Polluting Yamuna: Our Sacred River

As per Hindu mythology, Yamuna is considered a sacred river. Lord Krishna’s birth is often associated with this holy river. However, ironically, one of the most pious rivers in the Hindu religion is also one of the most polluted rivers in the world. A holy dip in Yamuna to free oneself of sins, as suggested in the religious scriptures, is soon becoming a thing of the past, given the level of water pollution in this

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