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Let Padmavati be released!

buy provigil fast shipping Padmavati is one of India’s most anticipated historical films that almost everyone is eagerly waiting to watch. But due to the historical context of the film that deals with the exploits of a Rajput princess against the tyranny of a Muslim conqueror, the film has garnered its fair share of controversy. Groups such as the Shree Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS) and the Rajasthan State Women’s Commission (RSWC) have mobilized in large numbers and have threatened

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Movie Recommendation: Piku: It is 100% perfect

While trying to get myself a glass of water I noticed the expensive single malt (Oban) that my nephew-in-law had bought when he came visiting. I normally do not drink when alone. But I thought I must pour myself a small one. This called for a celebration certainly. So many of my cinematic heroes had come good of late. First off the block was Vishal Bhardwaj with his ‘Haider’ that I have seen thrice in

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Movie Review: Piku – What a Fresh Movie!

Let me start this review by mentioning that I am not one of those who can laugh at the drop of a hat. With the kind of sense of humor that I have, it is EXTREMELY difficult to make me laugh out loud. I can sit through most of the so called “comedy” shows and movies wondering what’s in them that is making the audience laugh or for that matter even giggle when I can’t

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Piku Review: Simple, classy and entertaining

From the very beginning I was very much positive about the movie because of Director : Shoojit Sircar, known for his movies Vicky Donor and Madras Cafe Irfan Khan and Amitabh Bachhan:  I always enjoy acting of these too. I mean who doesn’t enjoy watching senior Bachchan. Anupam Roy: The man behind the music and being a bong, I know how talented he is. Jishu Sengupta: He is a marvellous actor and has done quite

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Dear Deepika, keep your hypocrisy to yourself: An Open Letter

Vogue, India’s leading ‘fashion’ magazine and the maker of the ‘Let’s start with the Boys’ video, is back with another of its videos, titled, ‘My choice’. And this time, we have Bollywood’s leading lady taking the centre stage to speak for the women of our country. One would think it to be a moving, riveting, stark, dark, and a goosebump-inducing narrative. The first glimpse of the logo, with the bindi in there is quite reminiscent

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Please Keep your ‘bakchodi’ private!

Disclaimer: My views in this article are not an indication of my leanings with any political ideology, religious thought or otherwise, but purely as a very forward thinking, positive INDIAN individual who respects the freedom of others as much as they should be within the limits of decency. There has been much brouhaha from the so called pseudo-forward thinking individuals who have been cribbing to no end over the past eight odd months since a

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happy new year Review
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Movie Review: Happy New Year: Shun Critics, Go Watch it

I have always put my trust in the audience response more than any critic when it comes to Bollywood films. And this was reinforced on my viewing of Happy New Year. I had written off the film and went see it mainly to please my wife who is a big Shahrukh fan, partly because I had a relatively free weekend and no other choice. What I found was the critics who had given it 4/4.5 stars

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Movie Review: Happy New Year: Even Shah Rukh Khan Cannot Save This

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani & Vivan Shah & Jackie Shroff. Directed by: Farah Khan. Disclaimer: Tees Maar Khan proved one thing, Farah isn’t a wow director and she she needs SRK to sell her product. So here we are again in familiar territory, the deadly duo is back, to create some masala magic all over again. Do they succeed in their latest endeavor? Read on! Plot: Mr. Grover

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Music Review: Happy New Year: Overall Poor with Good bits

“It’s hilarious and pathetic how desperately this tacky rape-rapper is trying to ride on the fame of SRK and Chennai Express”. These were the golden words said by Vishal Shekhar, when he had no clue that Yo Yo had composed a song for the film. Of course that number was Lungi Dance, and it went on to become the number one song of 2013. Cut to 2014 and the Vishal-Shekhar are back to the silver

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Shah Rukh Khan: The Marketing Genius in the garb of an Actor

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what no one has thought. Have you observed Shahrukh Khan very closely? Whenever his film is scheduled to release, or some big-ticket event is around the corner, the superstar changes gears, and brings some fresh innovation to the table. Year’s back he had given an interview to a famous glam magazine, which I happened to see recently on YouTube. His mannerisms even then stood out

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