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Going the GI way!

buy Lyrica tablets Recently, West Bengal (WB) and Odisha had a fight over the ownership of the delicious sweet, Rasogolla. WB won the ownership owing to the fact that it was found to be Geographically Indicated (GI) in WB. Geographical Indicator (GI) ensures that an innovation or item that is produced within a country is protected in a manner such that its conception, creation and distribution is managed by the original innovator. GI is part of the original

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Wearing a uniform can mean many things

Every institution that wants to leave a rich tradition, a rich legacy of its decorum and order and wants to create an ‘Element’ of considerable influence in a majority of cases emphasises on wearing a Uniform. The word itself as one can see puts focus on creating a sense of uniformity but with a difference in interesting ways. Although the general norm is to enforce uniforms in schools, many colleges also place emphasis on a

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Ya devi sarbabhuteshshu, SAKTI rupena sanksthita Namasteshwai Namasteshwai Namasteshwai Namo Namaha Very very soon, the radio is gonna go abuzz with these heavy words from an even heavier throat. That time of the year is here. The new clothes smell so good, so fresh and so pretty. We as a community are gearing up to welcome Ma Durga to come visit us for 5 days. Festivities would start. There will be songs and dances. There

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kofta curry
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Kanchkolar Kofta: Bengali Style Raw Banana Curry

With summers round the corner, this time I chose to make something different – offbeat from my regular stuff of fish and other non-vegetarian delicacies; so I opted for the other one – vegetarian delicacies. The dish that I will churn out today is often termed as one of the most well-known Bengali vegetarian delicacies. Raw banana is the main ingredient for this dish and is fondly known as Kaanchkolar Kofta. A very popular dish

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This country is run by women

For quite some time, I have been observing around and I come to the conclusion that this country is run by women (this is a generalization, outliers remain though)! If you actually see and analyze, the amount of work that a woman does is much more than the amount of work a man does. There are set duties for a woman, almost all the duties are pertaining to others in her life; anything that she

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Nayi Naveli Budhi Dulhan

My life was very simple though very monotonous and neither was I an individual who would easily lose calm and answer back, especially to outsiders and elderly people. Since childhood, I am an introvert; though the irony is that in my house I scream and shout at the top of my voice. I never even could whisper. My murmuring had always had a special effect in breaking the silence. I had to inevitably break this

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Medinipur: A Tour Across Culture & Time – 3

After Art and Culture, its time for us to explore Nature at Medinipur. The place is blessed with natural beauty all around and there is much to visit and feel blessed about. Being a hilly region, you can find many lakes easily. A perfect tourist attraction   Mukutmanipur. A perfect tourist spot. Cheap hotels, food and the heavenly view!   Pollution free, simple and easy to drive   The look of the end of the

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Medinipur: A Tour Across Culture & Time – 2

After exploring arts at Medinipur in the first part of this series, this post will talk about the brilliance and magnificence of the culture of the place in four pictures. This is a wonderful place for all culture enthusiasts not just from India but globally too. Rabindrik dance at Spring festival   Baul (a folk song) is a part of the culture for many centuries   You will never forget the music on which this

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Medinipur: A Tour Across Culture & Time – 1

South-West corner of West Bengal. A untapped tourism destination. Sea, virgin sea beach, hills, Jungles, local dance and musical troop, old temples, a glass of Mahua with tribes, Dhamsa-Madal the ancient version of musical instruments and dark black roads across the woods! Let me introduce you, to my birthplace Medinipur in 5 parts of this essay. In the first part we shall explore Arts, something that makes Medinipur stand out from the global world. Art. 

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