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The World is More Indian Than We Think – 3

Part 1 and Part 2 India has done well to be part of a global village all along, where India has blended well into the global mix. Globalization is like a wave, and one can grow together along with it, and also fall along with it. While India is dependent on globalization to make it better, India has also evolved certain aspects that make India unique to the outside world. The red carpet welcome to

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Why Indian Team Was Supposed To Lose and How Can They hit Back: Analysis

That moment when Ishant Sharma tamely chipped the delivery in the air for Moeen Ali to complete the catch, the humiliation was well & truly complete. What started as a tour where India started to look as favourites after the Lords win to outsmart England given their vulnerability as a test team after their recent losses against Sri Lanka & Australia in the Ashes, ended without a whimper. Indian fans found themselves on familiar territory

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The Kohli We Know Could Bring RCB Back

A line-up, which boasts of Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli and a few others struggling to win 3 out of 9 matches, is a sore to the eyes. We all want the likes of Gayle and Kohli fire on all cylinders but while Gayle has sometimes shown some fire, though very rarely, the India vice-captain and RCB skipper has almost failed disastrously in the IPL this year. His last five scores 4, 0, 35,

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Are We Doing Enough To Protect Our Heroes?

Everytime this IPL, I see Yousuf Pathan and Yuvraj Singh stride out to bat, I sense they are feeling heavy in the head, in a mind dominated with self-doubt than swagger. They quite seem to know that 22 yard strip and the 13 men on the field are waiting for them to cave in and fail yet again. It must feel like a Damocles sword hanging above their neck, with every passing failure in contribution.

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IPL 7 – Who Will You Vote For?

As the action begins in the UAE I have been keeping busy with the general elections and in all this political frenzy I haven’t felt the buzz of the tournament. Plus all the drama with N Srinivasan and the franchisee conflict of interest drama has also taken away some of the enthusiasm. But I am looking at some of the players using this as a make or break. Specially the Golden trio of Indian cricket

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5 Things Only Tendulkar-Like Can Teach

There are two kinds of Heroes in the world. One the unknown ones who have very little written about them; two are celebrated heroes who have so much material on them that even makes ‘Google’ look bored. This legend comes in the latter category. There is nothing that can be talked about those people that hasn’t been attempted before. His canvas is full of different hues that make him a perfect complete picture. What one

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It Does Not Come In A Jiffy My Friend

“The difference between ordinary and great is the extra effort the great puts in’. No great inspiration has chosen ‘the road less travelled’. The ones out there, who inspire us to emulate them, have toiled day in and day out to achieve their dreams. Be it a doctor, who hones his knowledge and skills in dimly lit rooms, or researchers who live life surrounded with papers and experiments or be it sportsmen who sweat it

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50 First Dates

The concept of Adam Sandler, trying to woo Drew Barrymore, every single day for 50 days, to me reflected a sense of achievement, as it was against the tide of Drew Barrymore’s short-term memory loss. Every day was a new day, where Adam Sandler had to start from scratch to woo her, and all his hard work would be negated at the end of the day, as Drew Barrymore would have forgotten what happened earlier

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ICC’s Dilly Dallying With The World Test Championship

If recent reports are to be believed, then ICC has decided to do away with the idea of a world test championship and is reconsidering the resurrection of the Champions Trophy. Ever since the idea of a World Test Championship (WTC) has been proposed, there has been a back and forth of events related to it. Now the ICC’s latest decision comes in the wake of sponsors not showing interest in putting their money in

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Total Recall 2013: Sachin Retirement Stole All Cricketing Limelight

The year 2013 was quite a year for the institution of Cricket. It had its nadirs and zeniths, but a few of them stand out in the brain’s primary memory when I reflect the year gone by. The ‘Tigers’ at Home Theory: World cricket is slowly getting to a stage when most teams are becoming tigers at home, and lambs abroad. You would associate this phenomenon with India over the 90’s, but globally this year,

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