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The Battle Royale: Where the heart and mind went with different Teams

Long after the last spectator at the Garden of Eden has left for their quaint little homes. Long after the din of furious key strokes pounding at the keyboards has fallen silent and match reports are submitted. Long after the night sky had cleared enough of the electric fireworks. The pitch at the Garden of Eden will stare into the open sky, her companion when the game ceases to exist and open her heart out

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Things to do for men in blue to win against South Africa

We could see that a lot of twitterati who were not giving India any chance before the World Cup (considering the poor run up to the tournament) went ballistic with praise after the first victory against archrivals Pakistan. Not surprising though as a win against neighboring Pakistan is almost a World Cup victory for half the nation. The tournament though has just begun and if Pakistan was a decent opposition, India now, in their second

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CWC India vs Pakistan: Bridging Divides and Overcoming Prejudices

Cricket has been a game that is celebrated with unprecedented enthusiasm in both India and Pakistan; not only do people connect with this sport but also revel and despair in victory and defeat respectively. To rephrase a quote given by Abraham Maslow, ‘For a cricket enthusiast, he/she breathes cricket, thinks cricket and lives cricket”… and when the competition is steered between countries that have shared volatile relations the game acquires a new meaning. As India

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Go Granny Go: How I enjoy watching World Cup Cricket with Nani

Feb 22nd 1992– It was just the day after my 9th birthday and I was quite on cloud 9. I had devoured the contents of that week’s ‘The Sportsar’ World Cup Edition, I had a good birthday and that cute Gujrati girl in my class consented to sit next to me in our hindi class. Quite a charmed life it was! As Feb 21st gave way to the 22nd, the little suburb of Adayar in Chennai had more

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The Insurance that won’t be around in the 2015 Cricket World Cup

Where’s heaven? Where’s that dreamy world of a promised land? Maybe airplanes take you there, Maybe even Magic Mushrooms take you there. Can just seeing a human smile take you there? Kartik Kannan found a couple of humans who’ve taken him to the promised land. He’s seen the promised land, and recounts the land’s insurance policy that kept him sane all along. This time in February 2015, he’s all alone, with his insurance policy not

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Playing it my way – Review: The book could had been much more

Yes the review is very late, but that is mostly because I didn’t actually read the book. I heard the audiobook, which was released recently. Now Sachin Tendulkar has probably been the best batsman to have ever played the game. It had been my utmost pleasure to follow his game very closely, and more or less his public life had been an open book by virtue of being on the field of cricket or in

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Dhoni Wants Kohli at No. 4. Is that right, Mr. Skipper!

As the world debates over Virat Kohli’s batting position in One-Day Internationals, Team India captain MS Dhoni has explained his rationale behind his deputy batting at No. 4 in the tri-nation series under way in Australia. India face England in a must-win game in Perth on Friday. Will India continue to experiment in a crunch game is the big question everyone is asking. Just days before the World Cup, the captain is not amused with

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Prediction about ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

It won’t be an easy task to win the WC 2015 for any team whether it is India, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. After rewinding the past I can see Pakistan has won a World Cup in Australia back in 1992. But it doesn’t matter at all –‘records are meant to be broken’. One of the biggest things in this WC will be that there will be no Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting

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