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Dysfunctional Organization Cultures And Falling Corporate Empires A friend of mine called me up a few days ago seeking some suggestions to come out of the problems that she finds herself in, in her company. She works as a recruitment executive in a firm. She said that a week before her recruitment, the firm had rolled out offers to candidates who are joining a multinational firm, which is a client of this recruitment firm. Despite slogging for a week and achieving targets

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The Stupid Girl!

  She thinks she is beautiful But in reality she is pitiful She thinks she is everyman’s dream But seeing her face in midnight makes a child scream She thinks she is intelligent But her brain can’t be activated even by a chemical reagent She thinks she is worldly-wise But her superficial knowledge is like melting ice She thinks she is a super star But she is nothing more than a black stone of tar

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10 Myths Women Have About Men

  1 We are insensitive Not at all. Most men feel deeply and strongly about things they care about. Just try walking in front of the television as Sachin Tendulkar winds up for a cover drive. 2 We are obsessed with our gym-built bodies Partly true. Lying in a gym with large plates on a rod is meant to impress the ladies. Unfortunately, they don’t do the same for the lower part of the body.

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Are Women More Brand Loyal Than Men?

  By Parul Gupta It is always said that, “women are more loyal than men”. This is not universally accepted in the personal lives but trusted by the companies. As stated by Nadia Chauhan, CMO, Parle Agro, “Women customers are more loyal than men customers. For woman, a brand is a commitment and she hates to break the commitment while man flirts with the brand”. The reason that explains the difference in the behavior of

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  Alok woke up to the shrill scream of his alarm clock. Hazy eyed and still groggy from inadequate sleep, he looked at the clock. The time was 6 am. He muttered under his breath and cursed himself for not going to bed earlier the previous night. Despite repeated requests from his mother to go to bed soon, Alok ended up watching his favourite action movie on his desktop for the umpteenth time and went to bed by 2

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Importance of Employee Engagement

There was a time when job hopping was a phenomenon that was unheard of. When we look at work in times of our fathers and forefathers, loyalty was a given thing; it was not sought after by the employers. It was nothing surprising to hear a person start a career with a company and stick on to it till retirement. Fast forward to the late 90s… …India was a growing economy and opportunities were aplenty.

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Are You a Good Boss or a Bad One?

If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure. –Bill Gates “Boss Calling” flashes on our cells and we jump out of our seats to answer the call. None of us are leading an absolutely free life – either we manage others or we are being managed by others. Simply put, either we boss around or are being bossed by someone else. Since subordinates mimic every move

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Salary Negotiations – Recruiters Pride – Part 1

  One of the key stages of the hiring process is the starting salary negotiation. It is a hurdle that needs to be overcome if you are to close the deal on your dream candidate. While there is no magic formula for handling a salary negotiation—as it can be impacted by many external factors beyond your control—there are several tactics to follow that can help you to engage in a mutually beneficial and ultimately successful

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Next Gen HR Mantra – Competency Based Approach

  Dramatic growth will take place when we focus on the organization-with technology a part – rather than on technology alone. -C.K.Prahlad As a HR professional in a knowledge and tech based organization, when I had to frame a model for the annual appraisal process, I was surprised to see a paradigm shift by the top management. Instead of evaluating what is achieved, there has been a shift in the method to it being how

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Love in the Times of Recession – Chapter 3 – Blink

  The first week of October also saw a new batch of students entering the campus. They came in as a whiff of fresh air for the students of Batch 5, who were facing many a turmoil due to recession in the markets. Many new girls caught the eyes of the boys who were in their best behavior and clothes. An informal ice-breaking session was conducted in the first weekend, to get to know the

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