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How People Behave In Meetings: A Self Experience

I have been in a corporate set-up for 4 years now and mostly have been working with some decent shots in the industry. Which means I have seen enough board meetings, here’s how people behave in them J. Thankfully because of an office culture you get to see people of all kinds. The lazy bum and the active zealot both co-exist. In general the lazy bum gets to do the technical work and the active

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Hard Work, Determination And Dreams Succeed: A Short Story

It was a hot and dry afternoon in Laxmangarh in the Sikar district in Rajasthan. Rampal was driving a nail into one of the legs of the broken wooden chair which he was trying to repair. Oblivious to the beads of sweat forming on his forehead, Rampal was focused on mending the chair. “Dharampal, Arey, Oye Dharampal”, echoed a voice from the gate. Rampal shifted his gaze towards the gate in the direction of the

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The Great Indian (Before) Marriage Tamasha – Part 4

By  Shwetha Kalyanasundaram The last blog post (in this series) ended with the following question “So what happens if the horoscope matches?!?” Read on… If the horoscopes match at both ends, one moves onto a phase where you try to get to know each other!! This is done to see if they are compatible with each other. Well, in most cases, the two people involved are always going to be at their best behaviour, giving stereotypical

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Culinary Histories – The Seafood

The culinary enthusiast that I am, my life almost revolves around food. Even if I am not concocting up yet another delicacy in the kitchen, I either end up reading recipes or books on the history of food. Since I am a hard-core non-vegetarian, nothing really misses out from my platter. So this time, I thought of indulging in some research work about Seafood (I love crabs by the way). The resultant effect is this ‘juicy’

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Publishing Industry

A Perspective on the Indian Publishing Industry

Books have always been regarded as an important source for the development and promotion of human values. They not only record new ideas but also impart values and work towards the overall development of the individual. Counted among the top ten industries in the world, the publishing industry of India has an estimated market value of INR 10000 crores; and India ranks third in the English Language publishing right after UK and USA. Though with

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Short Story

Thank You God!

By Ankit Chandra Thank you God for the world so sweet, Thank you God for the food we eat, Thank you God for the birds that sing, Thank you God for everything! psst: God thank you the most for (hopefully) saving me from today’s near (touch wood) debacle Boy! Sometimes u just thank God ( well touch wood and fingers crossed) for the many times he saves you from almost inevitable disaster… and having said

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Success Theory – Delivering Interview

Rahul Krishna,Manager – Talent Acquisition Group, Espire Infolabs, speaks about the secret of getting selected in job interviews.  With the unhappy state of the economy, most of us are looking for a new career Opportunity. You need to have an approaching & compelling resume; you also have to beat out a rising number of qualified candidates on the same position who are your strong contenders. I would suggest on how we can create a probability

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घुलता हुआ एहसास

  सोचता तो था की शायद उसको याद करता हूँ पर अहसास अब कुछ कम होता है कुछ समय पहले चाहता तो उसे बहुत था पर महसूस अब थोडा कम करता हूँ कहीं से कुछ कम हुआ है या खुद ही ख़त्म हो रहा हूँ पर कुछ बातों को याद करके मायूस अब थोडा कम होता हूँ सूरज को देखने की आदत तो नहीं पड़ी है, पर चाँद को अब कभी कभी ही देखता हूँ

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The FLIP Manifesto: Dan Pink

Daniel H. Pink in his book The FLIP Manifesto: Sixteen Counterintuitive Ideas About Motivation, Innovation, and Leadershipoffers 16 pieces of advice that run counter to and often directly contradict with what you might have heard hitherto. He mentions that he is not offering this ‘contrarian counsel’ for the sake of being ‘clever or controversial’, but because in his research he has found individuals and organizations who have often flipped conventional wisdom, doing great things. The

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Happiness Happiness Evangelist India Life


Sharon Andrew, Happiness Evangelist at Happiest Minds Technologies, Bangalore, writes about being mindful of one another and treating each other with respect and kindkness. Take a simple test…. Extend your right forefinger (left, if you are left-handed)… Draw the capital letter ‘E’ on your forehead. Did you draw the letter that it faces you or in a way that the person looking at you can read it? Neither way is right or wrong. But the

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