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“Mr X” Review: Its a trash insult to Hollow Man

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Arunoday Singh, Amyra Dastur, Director: Vikram Bhatt If you have watched hollow man and you loved Kevin Bacon, Mr. X is surely not the movie to go for. I went for the movie expecting some good techniques and effects but I was disappointed.  I would rate this movie as a torture and if you hate someone from the bottom of your heart and you want to spoil their weekend, just gift tickets of

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Stockholm Syndrome and Bollywood

Recently I was watching, rather re-watching Imtiaz Ali’s much acclaimed flick Highway. Undoubtedly one of the path breaking movies in Indian cinema, Highway is a treat to the eyes as well as your senses. While the film has been much hyped for its subtle dealing of the Stockholm syndrome, it is not the first Bollywood film that forays into the banal territory of Stockholm syndrome. It has been dealt with time and again in different

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Ek Paheli Leela Review: Watch Sunny Leone’s YouTube Videos instead

Cast: Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali, VJ Andy, Mohit Ahlawat, Rajniesh Duggal, Jas Arora, Rahul Dev Director: Bobby Khan Watch or not : Watch if you have a good life insurance What’s good in this movie: Even Google couldn’t find What’s bad in this movie: I am tired and its Friday, please don’t ask to list down 16456 bad things of this movie. This is the most predictable movie I have seen and I have started doubting whether film

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MatruBhoomi – A film on female feoticide and its after affects!

Story on the after effects of female feoticide ie. Killing of Girl child either in the womb or after birth – a common happening in India . Story Line:   Father of 5 sons looking for a bride for one of his sons. Bride is unavailable in the village – since it’s a No Woman village – and the match maker goes to different villages in search of a bride – but the story is

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Review: Dum Laga Ke Haisha: Brilliant, plain brilliant

This month, Bollywood has been rewarding me for my unwavering devotion to it over the years, with films that warms the cockles of the heart. First there was Badlapur with a twisted story of good and evil that surprised you at its every turn. And now comes ‘ Dum Laga Ke Haisha’. In 1967, when I saw my first Hindi film, Upkar, could I have imagined to see one day a film on a subject

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Why Aamir could not reach the SRK level in spite of being versatile & good looking?

The answer is ‘Loyalty towards wife’ – which SRK has but has Aamir failed to keep! Yes folks, amusing as it may sound – this is the TRUTH. We, the commoners, cannot accept certain things – disloyalty is one of them. You see actors and actresses automatically become role models for children. When children observe that a man is ruling the hearts of both parents and children in spite of his ‘not so good’ personal life – children begin questioning

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Why can’t/doesn’t Bollywood make films like Hollywood?

For simple reasons below: Hollywood has a vast target audience – huge, gigantic, colossal – the entire world is waiting for Hollywood to release a film. So whatever they make – be it mystery, romance, action or comedy –whatever – at some corner of the whole wide world, some section of world citizens will definitely like it and thus Hollywood will be able to do justice to the investment they make on the film –

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Movie Review: Shamitabh – Is it worth watching?

Lets make it clear and simple, unlike other movie critics I like rating movies in the simplest form and manner. Is it worth watching: Yes How many times: Once Rating: 3 Why go for this movie: If you are a Big B lover the film , also it has a very nice story (not one of most awesome stories though). Why not to go for this movie: Only revolves around Big B (I mean come

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Bollywood 2014: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Have you ever tried the ‘Book my show’ application on your phone? Or have you ever booked a ticket online? Life has become so much simpler in the age of technology. One can gauge the hype of a movie through IMDB ratings, some of them of course being rigged, but nine times out of ten they get it right. The last decade or so has seen a paradigm shift in the perception of the movie

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A budding romance

“Rahul… Naam toh suna hoga” said he, holding his hand for her to shake.  She let out a tiny smile and took his hand. An SRK fan. This one will be fun to talk to. “Simran”, she said. “Really?” “Yes really. I was born in the 80s and my granddad named me Simran much before Aditya Chopra had even thought of DDLJ” And that’s how it had started… Simran met Rahul at Madras Cafe in

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