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Indian Politics: An Analysis

click here About ten years back when people selected the Congress- led United Progressive Alliance instead of the BJP- led National Democratic Alliance. No one was hoping for Congress but just because of Sonia Gandhi’s charismatic leadership, they were able to defeat the so considered bright party. But now people are seeking for change. And visibly, the battle is in between the two dominant parties (BJP &Congress) or say in between supporters of secularism and  the supporters 

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3 Reasons Why BJP Is Banking On Re-Elections

Frankly speaking I was expecting BJP to avoid making a weak government in Delhi. Knowing that Mr. Narendra Modi is taking decisions centrally and he being very keen on strong governments, they had to take a decision to stay back from forming a weak one in the national capital. To add to this the fact that a strong AAP aided by outside support of Congress to it would have meant BJP would had been able

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आप-बाप और सूपड़ा साफ़

digoxin mite 0.0625 mg एक आदमी सिस्टम से त्रस्त होकर लोकपाल के लिए जंतर-मंतर पर भूख-हड़ताल करता है…सरकार उसकी सुध नही लेती है….उल्टा कुछ गैर-जिम्मेदार कोंग्रेसी उन्हें राजनीति में आने को ललकारते हैं…..चुनौती स्वीकार कर आम आदमी “जंतर” से “जनता” में जाने का रास्ता चुनता है और 26 नवंबर, 2012 को “आम आदमी पार्टी” की स्थापना कर देता है……. अब इस आम आदमी का “बाप” इसे अपनी सम्पति से बेदखल कर देता है……कोई नही “बाप” नही “आप” सही…..राजनीति में

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Comparative Analysis Between AAP, BJP And Congress: Delhi Elections

After our three-part series on the CM candidates yesterday, you get a clear idea about what there past work experiences are. But the important part of the story and the crucial factor for your decisions on voting would be what their future vision looks like. So Let us take a look on five major issues that the capital city is facing and what solutions our three contenders have: ON WATER AAP’S one of the internal

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Dr. Harsh Vardhan: Soft Face For BJP’s Several Shortcomings

In the Second part of our series on the Delhi Chief Ministerial candidates, we focus on the profile and achievements of BJP’s candidate Mr. Harsh Vardhan. After much internal squabble BJP has declared Dr. Harsh Vardhan as their Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi. He is not the name that BJP and media talks about regularly, but he is quite popular in the public because of his impressive work, humble nature and easy accessibility. Dr. Harsh

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सरदार देश के, सरदार जी किसके?

कांग्रेस पार्टी के बड़े नेताओं को अचानक उठते-बैठते सोते-जागते सरदार की याद सताने लगी। पार्टी गला फाड़-फाड़कर चीखने लगी,सरदार पटेल हमारे कोटे के महापुरुष हैं, ख़बरदार जो किसी और ने उनका नाम भी लिया। नरेंद्र मोदी वोट बैंक के साथ हमारे महापुरुष हड़पने में भी जुटे हैं। सरदार ने अंग्रेजों से लोहा लिया था और मोदी अब पूरे देश से `लोहा लेकर’ लौह पुरुष की मूर्ति बनवा रहे हैं। मूर्ति हमारे महापुरुष की और उसे

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The Youth Pulse: Talking to Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Youth BJP Leader From Bihar

MSK and Ankush Kumar start a series of interviews, where we will showcase the views of our youth leaders and their connect with the Youngistaan. Joining us today is ‘Mr. Rajesh Kumar’ convenor of the professional cell of the BJP for Bihar. He is a son of the soil, born in a village named Narhat, has done his schooling from there, did his engineering in Bangalore and MBA from Pune. He is currently the Zonal

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When Raju Lost Faith in Ganga…

Remember that movie starring Raj Kapoor, ‘Jis desh mein ganga behti hai’ ? Raj kapoor played the role of a guy from I think Banaras, and goes on to use his sanskar and values to transform a group of dacoits. I think the assumption in the movie was that Raju had complete faith in the values of the mother land. Cut to Champaign in US. I have met a lot of NRIs here. Some have

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