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The Hypocrisy of BJP

follow url Very recently our beloved Namo has run a campaign asking people giving up their LPG subsidy and he aims to save crores of money from this, however I feel before giving up their LPG subsidy people should know few facts, its always good to know facts Fact 1: Crude prices slashed from $115 to $50 internationally which means now you should far far less what you have been paying under UPA regimen. But due to

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Its time that we ask questions!

India is not a tax free country country, we all know that. I am not very good at statistics but I know that a certain percentage of our income goes to the development of the country as income tax. Then whatever we buy at a regular basis, we pay tax for that also. Be it clothes, milk, bread or eggs. Let me not talk about the luxury of dining outside. A bill of 1600 INR

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माननीय मैट्रिक फेल

चाहे डिग्री देने वाली यूनिवर्सिटी हो येल या फिर माननीय हो मधेपुरा उच्च माध्यमिक विद्यालय से मैट्रिक फेल, फर्क कुछ भी नहीं पड़ता है। माननीय तो हमेशा माननीय ही रहेंगे। पढ़ाई-लिखाई, डिग्री-सार्टिफिकेट वगैरह से उपर। इस देश में ना जाने कितने अंगूठा टेक एमएलए और एमपी हुए। अपना दस्तख़त तक ना कर पाने वाले कई लोग मंत्री तक बने और पूरे ठाठ से राज चलाया। काला अक्षर भैस बराबर और लोकतंत्र में भी सब धन

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Delhi should know who is against corruption. AAP or Central Govt

Do you know that within 1 month of an honest government of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, more than 1.25 lakh calls came on the anti-corruption helpline 1031? Do you know that Delhi police comes under the central Modi government while the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) comes under Delhi AAP government? Do you know that when Delhi’s AAP govt asked people to video record any corruption case they face, Delhi police issued a circular banning

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अच्छी सरकार, अच्छा विपक्ष, अच्छे दिन

कुछ सवाल दोहराये नहीं जाते और कुछ सवालों के जवाब बार-बार बताये नहीं जाते। केंद्र सरकार के एक साल पूरा होने पर ऐसा ही एक सवाल उछाला जा रहा है– क्या सचमुच अच्छे दिन आ गये हैं? सवाल कुछ ऐसा है, जैसे राह चलते किसी आदमी से कोई पूछे—क्या आप कहीं जा रहे हैं? मोदी सरकार के बने अभी बारह महीने ही तो गुजरे हैं, लेकिन इतने कम वक्त में क्या-क्या नहीं हो गया। मौसम

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The Return of the Commoners, The return of AAP

Today, exactly 1 year after he resigned because he could not get the Delhi Janlokpal Bill tabled in the Delhi assembly, Arvind Kejriwal would take oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi.  When he resigned, I knew that few would accept the reasons he said, and AAP would be facing tough times ahead. It turned out that I was right and the next one-year was torturous and testing for both Arvind Kejriwals and AAPians. Very

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AAP wins
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The Story of AAP I Know

The Beginning: I have been associated with AAP and its volunteers since the last 1 year. I was one of the latecomers who joined the movement after initial surge in last Delhi Assembly Elections. I was never interested in politics before AAP came into real existence. I joined the AAP Official Group on December 18th 2013, made my first donation to AAP on January 1st 2014. As I interacted with more AAP people, I came

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Arvind wins Delhi
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“Modi” Ji Nai Dilli main apka swagat hai, Clear Learnings

After the mammoth victory in Delhi, one thing is coming to a clear. That the NaMo juggernaut is close to halt now and there is a need for something special to keep the show running for the BJP government. Once Delhi chooses Arvind unanimously, the city and through them, the nation will tell the Prime Minister that in this changing country, a country which is now developing in intelligence and information gathering, where the number of

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arvind kejriwal thanks
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Jhadoo Chal gayi

10th of February Seems that the people of Delhi are a big follower of Mr. Narendra Modi. He had asked the people of the country to take up ‘Jhaadu’ and clean up their surroundings. That’s what the people of Delhi actually did!! Its a clean sweep victory for AAP in Delhi elections and for the next five years ‘Jhaadu’ is going to have lots of work and lots of areas to clean. There is something

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