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Indira Gandhi the environmentalist!

http://mypaloaltoplumberhero.com/new-bathroom-faucet-installation-in-palo-alto-saves-homeowners-money/?css=smallbiz_expand2web_css_header When we talk about India’s only female Prime Minister till date, what comes to our mind? Emergency, ‘Garibi Hatao Andolan‘, 1971 Bangladesh War, Operation Bluestar etc. But it is surprising to note that Indira Gandhi was also a lover of nature. She was a lover of mountains, of tranquil seas and of beautiful birds that roamed India in all their grace & magnanimity. Indian National Congress (INC) member Jairam Ramesh in his book ‘Indira Gandhi: A life

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Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary

Bird watching trip it was going to be. I really was not sure what to expect from it. I had not had much time to search the net about the place to get much detail about it. I was just told that it was a bird sanctuary and going by my previous experiences with all kinds of sanctuaries, I did not expect much from the place. In any case since all of the others were

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