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Exploring Goa-VII- The Aswem Beach Cure

buy modafinil ebay Kartik Kannan offers some interesting glimpses of a beach thats extremely quiet, personal and just the getaway you needed to cut yourself off from work. Aswem is a fishing village that has some very scenic palm trees swaying to a little lake(formed during the tides), across a beach that is flat for quite some distance, before the surfs lap up all the latent energy in the sea. Its also home to Goa’s only surfing school

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Calcutta Chromosomes – I

Kolkata, popularly known as the City of Joy, is considered to be the cultural and intellectual capital of the country. Locales, such as the College Street Boi Para and the Coffee House will stand witness to this statement. These are the hubs within the city that beam with intellectuals and budding artists. This the city’s nucleus where one will find some of the best minds flocking. Bookshops or rather kiosks strategically positioned all along the

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Dilli ki Hawa – 3

In the third part of Dilli ki Hawa, Sampurna Majumder talks about her tete-e-tete with a stranger in the train.  After I moved to Delhi, train journeys became a significant part of life. It was a rather series of firsts for me when I moved to Delhi. For the first time in seventeen years I boarded an AC coach of a train. From then on I graduated to the third AC of Rajdhani then got used to

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इस चिंगारी को एक बार सुलग जाने दो . .

  By Atul Singh जो बंद रही, इतने दिनों तक, अंधकार की कोठरियों मे । उस तिल तिल जलती ज्योति को, इस बार उजियारी फैला जाने दो ॥ . जो रूह, उनकी हैवानीयत सह, आज तक कराहती रही । उस रूह को तन से जुदा कर के, हैवानो से भिड़ जाने दो ॥ . वो चिंगारी, जो नस नस में, गर्म लहू बन बहती रही, उस गर्म लहू को आज हिया से लावा बनके फूट

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जलता जीवन, जलते तुम हम

 By Atul Singh  जलता ज़ीवन जलते तुम हम, ख़त्म हो गई राहें सब ।  आगे है घनघोर अँधेरा दुःख की बदली छाई है । साथ मिलाकर छोड़ गए सब, क्यूँ तू संग मेरे आई है ॥ क्यूँ करू तुझसे प्रणय निवेदन, क्या तू जीवन सार मिला । किया तिरस्कार तूने है अब तक, क्यूँ अब तेरा प्यार जगा ॥ तू ठहरी अलका का वैभव, पर अवनी का मैं भी पुजारी हूँ । प्रेम सिखा कर चली

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Why is Delhi the Rape Capital of the Country?

Mili Sharma ponders over what makes Delhi the capital of this heinous crime. We’ve been hearing/reading/watching a lot about the rape incidents off late. I’ve been trying to figure out two things – 1) why does Delhi/NCR ranks no.1 in rape incidents as compared to southern India 2) who are these rapists.  After following the news through different media and talking to the people around me, I got an answer to this. Most of these

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Habits That Annoy Every Indian: But Do We Work Towards Eradicating It

Venugopal Rajagopalan writes of India’s basic problems and how they will stem the development if not taken care of. A must read In our everyday life, we go through a series of routines right from getting up in the morning to going to office and spending time at your work environment. In this entire cycle, there are so many subtle things that happen, many of us take notice of it and most of the time,

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