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নববর্ষ – A Poem To Welcome The New Year

buy Gabapentin for dogs online নববর্ষ  (The new year is a time of joy, of rejuvenated life and rekindled hope. It is a time when we anticipate the best, and decide to do away with our fragile, crumbling, ancient memories, and march on, in the hope of experiencing some of the best days yet to come. This piece of mine, one of the few that I composed in my mother-tongue Bengali, is a poetic appreciation and personification of the new year,

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World’s Best Metro Systems: A Glance

One of the greatest questions we, the modern city-dwellers, face, is how we can build more flexible MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit Systems) in and across our cities. With time, the population of cities have risen, nearly everywhere across the planet. Be it New York, the US or Mumbai, India, the population pressure seems to be forever rising. It can be fairly argued that a city is much like the human body. Analogous to the blood

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To Our Brave Heroes: A Poem Saluting The Indian Army

singulair paediatric 4mg granules sachets (The recent flooding in and around Jammu & Kashmir has taken a toll on the lives of our people, damaged life and resources, and been a horrible experience overall. But it has once again demonstrated, that no matter whatever the challenges may be, the fearless, selfless and glorious Indian Army will always live to defend the nation from all calamities. The glorious army of India, those fearless and brave souls who smile as they lay

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The ferryman’s song

A Few Words I have never been to Kerala, but the entire Snake Race event truly enchanted me when I first watched it on some TV programme. So much beauty lies hidden in the depths of Kerala’s celebrated Backwaters that it is difficult to believe such a place can actually exist. Greenery everywhere, with shimmering tendrils of water flowing right across the landscape, and ultimately dissolving into the vastness of the western waters… it is truly enchanting. It reminds

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How will the Universe end? Three likely possibilities from Astrophysics & Cosmology

Universe – all that there is, was and will be… This sounds like a bit too philosophical take on defining the term, but in a way, it’s correct even scientifically. It is the potential playground of all those particles, stars, nebulas and planets that will come to existence at a later time. It had been the background of the things that were, in the past. And it’s inevitably true that it is the support of the existence of everything there is!

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Xiaomi Mi3 Review: All You Need To Know Before Buying

Xiaomi Mi3 –  one phone that is clearly rocking India. Thanks to its solid partnership with the Indian e-retailer Flipkart, the Chinese company has now stepped into the subcontinent, which houses the third largest smartphone market in the world. And there is genuinely a lot of hype regarding the device – people saying all kinds of stuff about it. Some satisfied buyers are calling it the latest and greatest smartphone in the market, thanks to

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A Hymn to Mother India

A Hymn to Mother India (WE are one race, one people, one nation. This is what the great Bankimchandra Chatterjee taught us all, when he uttered “Vande Maataram!”. And this is therefore a poetic appreciation sung in the praise of the united Motherland, the glorious Bharat Mata, who protects and shelters us all) Mother, Who foolishly dares to call you poor and weak, A dark, cowering land of the inferiors sick? Or still a slave

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5 Free Android Apps For Taking Control Of Your Life, And Making It Better

Ok, so these days, life is really a complicated business. It’s true that we don’t have to struggle for our survival, in fact, that has been taken care of by the infrastructure that the society has collectively put up, yes, but the dawn of a new age brings new problems. Whatever we do,many of us simply can’t manage life properly, and there remains a tingling sensation at the end of the day, that something went

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Practical Philosophies To Live By (PART III) – Skepticism

OK, so in the previous two articles of this series, we’ve discussed Stoicism and Epicureanism respectively. And naturally, third in the list would be Skepticism, there’s nothing to be skeptical about it. Although the Hellenistic (Greek, after Alexander) schools of thought did happen to begin with Cynicism, I didn’t mention it, because I don’t find it particularly interesting. But it did have a role to play, definitely. In fact, Cynicism influenced Zeno to a great extent. However,

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Rituparno Ghosh, The Unforgettable Influence On Indian Cinema

I recently watched two of Rituparno Ghosh‘s films, Memories in March and Chitrangada. And I was pretty much stunned after watching them. Here is one man who, more or less single-handedly, lifted the standards of modern Bengali cinema to a level that continues to have us bedazzled, by its sheer splendour and artistic merit. For those of you unfamiliar with Ghosh, he was one of the best film directors of the recent times, up to his sad demise last year

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